[SPAM] Press Release By PMO India Regarding Restricted Movement Order Due To COVID-19


[SPAM] Press Release By PMO India Regarding Restricted Movement Order Due To COVID-19

The Malaysian press release regarding restriction of movement due to COVID-19 is falsely shared as by PMO India. Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.


PRESS RELEASE – National Security Council



Verification: Press Release from Malaysia is falsely shared as by PMO India

Whatsapp groups are circulating a Press Release from National Security Council claiming it to be from India. The press release was not in India. This was issued by the NSC, PMO Malaysia, and not by PMO India. At the last point in the document, you can see the words are “Malaysians working in Singapore/Thailand/ Brunei / Indonesia”, which simply indicates that the document is not issued for Indian citizens. Check the last document carefully:

In the document shared below, Public is asked to review the construction work by JKR and DOSH.

JKR is the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR; Malay: Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia) is the federal government department in Malaysia under Ministry of Works Malaysia (MOW) which is responsible for construction and maintenance of public infrastructure in West Malaysia and Labuan. In Sabah and Sarawak, a separate entity of the Public Works Department exists under respective state government’s jurisdiction but both departments are also subordinate to the parent department at the same time. Read more

DOSH is a short form of Department Of Occupational Safety And Health In Malaysia. They launched the DOSH certification, is the local government recognized mandatory certification standard, not through DOSH certificate related products, cannot enter the Malaysian sales: Read more

There is a number shared in the documents (03-88882010)

“If there are any further questions, please contact the National Operations Administration Centre, National Security Council at 03-8888 2010”.

When we googled the number, We found this number to be a hotline number for Malaysian people. Check the link shared below in which the same number is shared:

COVID-19: Malaysia under Nationwide Movement Control Order:
Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has declared that Malaysia will be placed under nationwide movement control order from March 18 to March 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Any enquiries on the movement control order can be directed to the National Operations Management Centre at hotline 03-88882010 beginning noon on Tuesday (May 17).

Conclusion: The viral press release is from PMO Malaysia and not from India.


We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before you believe and forward any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.


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Press Release By PMO India I Nokiye

Post Date: 20 Mar 2020

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