Check4Spam Retweeters

What is Check4Spam Retweeters Team?

Twitter is a very powerful tool to quickly interact with verified officials. But we need to make sure we create the sound (noise) with retweets, comments etc.

So if you have a Twitter account then here is how you can join our Check4Spam Retweeters team and help us with verification of posts.

Step 1: Fill the form given below to share your WhatsApp number

Step 2: Make sure Check4Spam number +919035067726 is saved in your phone as a contact

Step 3: When Check4Spam tries for a verification of a post using Twitter, then we will WhatsApp you the link to that tweet. You can read the tweet and if you want to help us then you can retweet that tweet.

Thats it.! So Wanna join the team which will help bust fake news? It’s your chance to participate at cleaning up the mess we have in social media today.

Join Check4Spam Retweeters by filling the form below.

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