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[NOT SPAM] Bharatkeveer Website Launched As Envisioned By Akshay Kumar

Yes it's true above the launch of Bharatkeveer.gov.in website for soldiers aid and the initiative was conceived by actor Akshay Kumar.

[NOT SPAM] LED Bulbs Tubelights & Fans At Less Price | Ujala Scheme

[NOT SPAM] LED Bulbs, Tube-lights & Fans At Less Price | Ujala Scheme Yes its true with minor corrections in states included as on the date of this post. Pl...

Other News

[SPAM] Indians Have Most Confidence In Government

This is supposed to be based on OECD Statistics, but the post missed Indonesia and Switzerland on top of India. India is 3rd in list not 1st.

[SPAM] Jayden K Smith Facebook Account is A Hacker

It's not true that Jayden K Smith Facebook account is a hacker. It's not possible to hack your computer by making you accept a friend request on Facebook.

[SPAM] Daisy the Golden Retriever Rescued People On 9/11

No such authentic report has been found to support the post circulating on social media saying Daisy the Golden Retriever rescued people on 9/11.

[SPAM] Gorkhaland | 30th State Of India

It's not true that Gorkhaland is going to be the 30th state of India as been mentioned in the post that has been circulating on social media.

[SPAM] Plane with Landing Gear Failure Saved by Truck

A video of an airliner saved by a pickup truck after its landing gear malfunctioned doesn't depict a real event; it was created for a commercial.

[SPAM] ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Coca Cola’s Ad Says Don’t Drink Coke

It's a video series from Coca Cola name "Coming Together" being with the audio being modified. Please find the real videos at this article.

[SPAM] Oracle Developed 4D Sound

It's not true. Nothing to do with Oracle. It's 3D audio recorded with special microphones called Binaural microphones. More details at this article.

[SPAM] Pepsi After Polo or Mentos Leads to Instant Death

The claims in the message are untrue. Combining Pepsi/Coke and Polo/Mentos creates a rather chemical reaction and it might at most cause a stomach upset.

[SPAM] Man Electrocuted Fingers Cut for Supporting Modi

It's a real incident but shared with wrong description and wrongly given a communal angle to it. The man was supposedly held for mobile theft.

[SPAM] Fire Rainbow at Mumbai Airport

The pictures circulating as Fire Rainbow at Mumbai Airport are neither from Mumbai nor they can be called Fire Rainbows as per our research.

[SPAM] Aspartame Is A Sweet Poison

Aspartame is Sweet poison is not proven. The legitimate attempts made to confirm and replicate allegations of adverse reactions have not been successful.

[SPAM] Nine Banks Will Be Closed Permanently By RBI

It's an exaggerated or highly misinformed post saying nine banks to be closed by July. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

[SPAM] Kolkata, Siliguri on RED ALERT

It's fake news about Kolkata Siliguri red alert. We could get it confirmed form West Bengal Police at Twitter as well. More details at this article.

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