Government Initiatives

[NOT SPAM] Bharatkeveer Website Launched As Envisioned By Akshay Kumar

Yes it's true above the launch of Bharatkeveer.gov.in website for soldiers aid and the initiative was conceived by actor Akshay Kumar.

[NOT SPAM] LED Bulbs Tubelights & Fans At Less Price | Ujala Scheme

[NOT SPAM] LED Bulbs, Tube-lights & Fans At Less Price | Ujala Scheme Yes its true with minor corrections in states included as on the date of this post. Pl...

Other News

[SPAM] Indians Have Most Confidence In Government

This is supposed to be based on OECD Statistics, but the post missed Indonesia and Switzerland on top of India. India is 3rd in list not 1st.

[SPAM] Jayden K Smith Facebook Account is A Hacker

It's not true that Jayden K Smith Facebook account is a hacker. It's not possible to hack your computer by making you accept a friend request on Facebook.

[SPAM] Dr. P.V. Gangadharan About Cancer

The post circulating saying Dr. PV Gangadharan's advices about prevention and cure of Cancer is fake. Please find more details at the verification section of th...

[SPAM] Free Mini Laptops by PM Modi

The post regarding the free laptops is a hoax, that is circulating on social media. Please read further to know more details regarding the message circulating o...

[SPAM] Adidas Giving Away Free Pair of Shoes

The posts shown in this circulating saying Adidas is giving away free pair of shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary are fake. It may make you install a possib...

 [SPAM] ISIS Terrorists Hoax

The post stating that ISIS sending out people to infect citizens with H.I.V Virus is a hoax .  Please read the post below for further details.


WhatsApp becoming a paid app posts circulating on social media is a SCAM. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.


The post regarding the circulation of fake 2000 rupee notes is a hoax. It is a manipulated version of a letter published by the RBI in 2009. Please find below t...

 [SPAM] Poisonous Indoor Plant – Dieffenbachia

The post regarding the indoor plant being poisonous has been found as circulating since 2015, and it was proved to be a exaggerated version of the truth. Please...

[CLOSED] Dhruv Verma, 14 Yrs, Boy Missing from Airoli, Navi Mumbai

Dhruv Verma is back to his home safely on 10th Oct 2017. Please don't share this post anymore. More details at the verification section of this article.

[SPAM] Martinelli link is Blue Whale Challenge

The post circulating saying a link with name Martinelli link is Blue Whale Challenge is a hoax. Please find more details at this article.

[SPAM] India Has A Total Number of 5,79,092 VIPs

This post circulating says India has 579092 VIPs, while the other countries have a lesser number. It's not true. More info at this article.

[SPAM] 32GB Pendrive For Free (sandisksale.com)

This 32GB Pendrive for FREE offer from sandisksale.com is fake. It makes you install a possible Malware. Please refer more details at this article.

[SPAM] Flavored Methamphetamine OR Strawberry Quick

This has been found as circulating since 2007, and in 2014 was reported by the New Zealand police as a hoax and hence we have classified this as SPAM.

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