How You Can Help


How You Can Help

Are we not facing problems with spams which circulates and sometimes goes viral on social media?

For sure it’s not easy to stop them, but that’s what Check4Spam will try to do for you.

We need all your support. This will work ONLY if people visit our website to verify any news before they share them. We hope all of us will build this verification habit. This very important habit is a way to beat the spams.

Check4Spam’s mission is to make this verification easy for you.

Now, how can you help us?

Let us list down a few ways you can help and how it will help.

1. Like our FB Page at or please search for @check4spam on FB to find us

This helps to make sure you hear from us when we add a post. Also this helps to spread the news about our work among your friends whenever you interact with us with likes and comments.

2. Share our FB Page and our WhatsApp number +91 90350 67726 with your friends

This helps to spread the awareness of our service. Every single share you can do is vital for us. Kindly support us to spread the word. 

3. Share your thoughts and comments at our website posts

This helps immensely to make sure our posts fall high on priority at Google search results. Please share at least a “Thumbs up” at our posts that you like.

4. Please submit at our Submit page or WhatsApp us at +91 90350 67726 about any news that you want us to verify

This helps us to make sure we are aware of the rumors or spams floating in the social media.

How you can use Check4Spam on a regular basis?

To verify any news, please search for the news at our website page

You can also submit a news for verification at

Hope we will get all your support. For any queries or suggestions kindly write to us at our Contact Us page.

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