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Hello from Team Check4Spam.

We are sure you all know and agree that WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service in India and around the world. So we did not wait too long to have a WhatsApp number.

On Oct 2016 we started our WhatsApp service with the number 90350 67726. Ever since, more than 90% of our sourcing for fake posts have been from WhatsApp. We sincerely thank each and everyone who has been sharing probable fake posts with us so that we could get to know about them and debunk them and add a post to our website.

Ironically the person who sends a post which we have never got before is the one who may have to wait the most. He/She is the one who helps us the most by sharing a unique post, but unfortunately he/she will be the one who will generally have to wait more to get a reply from us. It takes us a little more time to debunk posts as we don’t leave any point unchecked before we add a post on the story.

So we sincerely thank each and everyone of you for sharing the posts with us and showing the patience when we have been late with our replies.


What Is The Criteria To Send Us A WhatsApp Post For Verification

We ideally don’t want to keep any criteria as of now. However we would like you to avoid a few kind of posts. We have described them at a later section at this page named What Kind Of Posts Could Be Avoided.

Also we will strongly encourage you to search our website, either through any of the search options you see at our website pages or through our search page itself, before sharing any posts at our WhatsApp number.

For example, if you want to know any facts about the below post…

Tonight at 00: 30 to 03: 30 make sure to turn off the phone, cellular, tablet, etc … and put away from your body.
Singapore television announced the news. Please tell your family and friends. Tonight, 12:30 to 3:30 for our planet will be very high radiation. Cosmic rays will pass close to Earth. So please turn off your cell phone. Do not leave your device close to your body, it can cause you terrible damage. Check Google and NASA BBC News. Send this message to all the people who matter to you. FORWARDED AS RECEIVED
: आज रात 12.30 से 3.30 बजे तक प्रथ्वी के पास से खतरनाक कास्मिक किरणें गुजरेंगी । कृपया आप अपने अपने मोबाइलफ़ोन स्विच ऑफ करके रखे ।और फ़ोन को अपने पास रखकर बिल्कुल न सोइए। अन्यथा आपको हानि पहुँच सकती हे।कृपया इस सन्देश को नजरअंदाज न करे। यदि आपको विश्वासन होतो आप गूगल पर “नासा बी बी सी न्यूज़”सर्च कर विस्तृत समाचार देख सकते हे। कृपया इस सन्देश को अन्य लोगो तक पहुचाने की कृपा करे। धन्न्यवाद
Pls. Sabhi gruop me send kariye

Before sending it to us for verification, kindly visit our search page and give a search for “Cosmic Rays” and you will see a result like what is shown in the link below.

If we already have a post on this story then you should be able to see the post at the results. You can then click on that post for this story to find all details. 


A Few Statistics As On 7th April 2017

We had a WhatsApp crash during end of March 2017. This was after we were covered at the program On Air with AIB on Hotstar. It was a huge flow of requests just after the program and our phone hung up as it went out of storage and WhatsApp crashed. As on 7th April 2017, the date we are writing this story, we are still trying to catch up with the unanswered queries we had received since the crash. There are around 2k messages still pending and we might have a few post which could not be recovered. So we are extremely sorry if we have not yet got back to you on any of your previous queries.

As on the date mentioned above we have nearly 4k chat-heads and a data of nearly 6Gb at our WhatsApp phone. We receive nearly 200 messages a day and its growing. These statistics are told to you so that you have a clarity of the traffic we have at WhatsApp and hopefully if you understand the limitations of WhatsApp then you may be able to understand the reason for any of our delay in our responses.


An Attempt To Make Sure We Don’t Miss Your Request

Kindly share a comment at this page if you have …

  1. A comment/feedback about our WhatsApp Service
  2. A message (shared with us after 7th April 2017) which has been pending for more than a week
  3. Any Urgent Query you have for us


What Kind Of Posts Could Be Avoided

Please note that Team Check4Spam tries to be as neutral and unbiased as possible. So we cannot comment on posts of the following kind

  1. Politically motivated
  2. Religiously motivated
  3. An individual/group/organization’s view-point

Unless there are facts which are distorted in such posts in which case we will ONLY try to give clarification on the distorted facts and not on the post as a whole.

Also we request you to avoid adding Check4Spam WhatsApp number to groups unless its a group of media or media related personals.


Language Barrier

Our team is capable of handling primarily posts in English and to some extend posts in Hindi as well. For other languages we try to use Google Translation to get an English translation of the post. Please note that the translated posts are majorly found as in-effective. However when there are keywords which will help us to identify the post then we have happily shared our responses.


We Don’t Have A WhatsApp Group

As of now we don’t have a WhatsApp group. Primarily because we don’t want fake posts flowing in such a group, and as most of the fakes are videos and pictures such a group may not be a good option to have.


How To Know When We Make A Post At The Website

We encourage you to like our Facebook Page and/or our Twitter Page so that you can get notifications whenever we make a post.

We sincerely encourage you to share your views and comments here…

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