[SPAM] Telangana Government Is Responsible For Her Death… RIP Sunitha


[SPAM] Telangana Government Is Responsible For Her Death… RIP Sunitha

The false post regarding a student’s suicide is shared with irrelevant photos and a note blaming Telangana Government

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The below post has been circulating on social media

Telangana Government Is Responsible For Her Death… RIP Sunitha


Verification: The girl in a viral post is K Sankeerthana and is alive

The post with a photograph of a girl, a blurred image of a person hanging, and a suicide note is shared on social media with false claims of suicide by a student due to not postponing of exams by the Telangana Government and the name of the student is told as Sunitha. While we did the Google search for the photograph of the girl in the viral post, we found the image of the girl in few articles. Check the links shared below to know the facts:

The post is false. The girl in the post is K Sankeerthana. As told to IndiaToday, she is pursuing B.Com (Honors) at Delhi University. She is not a B.Tech student. The note written and shared with the fake post is not written by her. Due to covid situations, she could not go to Australia for further studies.  An article in Telangana Today is published on 25 Jan 2020 with the heading “Daughters of Telangana Script success stories.” The photo of the same girl is published with her success story that says K Sankeerthana,18, a student of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institution ( TGSWERIES ), Sankeerthana’s father is a small farmer in Karimnagar.

Check the screenshot from the article below:

The name of the girl is also mentioned in the article published at TimesOfIndia on 10 July 2020 with the heading “Telangana: Destination Australia for 4 EWS girls.”

Article related to same was also published in Outlook on 10 July 2020 with the heading “Four T”gana girls from a modest background to study in Australia” that wrote about the girls and their achievements in detail. The students are from Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institution.

Below is the tweet shared by Sankeerthana’s family member with the clarification by her on the same fake spread about her. She tells her name and says people are spoiling the identity of a person and is requesting not to spread fake. She has also given a complaint about it to the Police.

Raed more @ IndiaToday

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Telangana Government Is Responsible For Her Death… RIP Sunitha I Nokiye

Post Date: 03 July 2021

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