[SPAM] Rahul Gandhi Cuts Manmohan Singh’s Birthday Cake


[SPAM] Rahul Gandhi Cuts Manmohan Singh’s Birthday Cake

The video showing Rahul Gandhi not allowing Manmohan Singh to cut his own birthday cake is viral on social media with false claims

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The below post has been circulating on social media

जिसको अपने जन्मदिन पर केक तक नही काटने देते थे सोचो उसने 10 सालो तक सरकार कैसे चलाई होगी
बस इनको एक ऐसा ही गुलाम चाहिए था और मिल भी गया


Verification: The video shared is from the occasion of  “Congress Foundation Day”

The video showing Rahul Gandhi cutting the cake with Manmohan Singh is viral on social media with misleading claims that Rahul Gandhi did not let the former PM Manmohan Singh cut his own birthday cake. The viral posts can be seen here and here. The post was also shared by social media personalities with false claims that can be seen here, here.

The claim is not true. The occasion is not anyone’s birthday. Part of the video is shared with false claims.

The cake cutting was done on the occasion of the Congress party’s foundation day. The video was shared by Indian National Congress on its YouTube on 28 Dec 2018 with the caption “Former PM Manmohan Singh and Congress President Rahul Gandhi cut a cake on Congress Foundation Day.” ANI also shared the video on its Twitter account on the same date. The full video can be seen below:


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Rahul Gandhi Cuts Manmohan Singh’s Birthday Cake I Nokiye

Post Date: 06 June 2021

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