[SPAM] Amazon Big Sale


[SPAM] Amazon Big Sale

This is a spam. It’s a clickbait to make you visit their website and share the post to your friends. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

यह एक धोखा है
हे एक लबाडी आहे
এই একটি ধাপ্পাবাজি হয়
આ એક અફવા છે
இந்த ஒரு புரளி என்பது
ఈ ఒక నకిలీ ఉంది
ഇത് ഒരു തട്ടിപ്പാണ്
ಈ ಒಂದು ಸುಳ್ಳು

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media

Amazon की सबसे बड़ी Sale

1. Canon Dslr camera – Rs. 199 Only.

2. Vivo v11 Mobile – Rs. 1799 Only.

*3. Apple watch * – Rs 11 Only.

4. Jbl Bluetooth Speaker – Rs 117 Only.

And many more products at 99 percent discount

Order Now – http://amazon.big-billions-days-sale.in

( Free Delivery And Cash On Delivery Also Available).


This post is a clickbait to make you visit the website. The website might be monatized with ads and each visit will help them earn some money.

Below are the screen shots of what happens when you visit the site. There is not order that is placed or can be placed. The site is NOT from Amazon as well.


It starts saying the sale is ending in a few minutes. This is to lure you to click fast.


For a test we selected the Mixer Grinder …


It will ask for Billing Address. This is just to make you feel it’s geniune. It accepts any value for the fields. They just check whether there is a non-empty entry.



So it shows the order summary and a Place Order button …



This is where it will make you share the post to 10 friends …



Note that it will not allow you to click on the Confirm Order button till you send to 10 friends…


And finally it will say a Thank You for shopping and will ask you check your email with a fake order number. So clearly nothing other than a clickbait to make you visit the website.


प्रस्ताव की कोशिश नहीं करते
प्रस्ताव प्रयत्न करू नका
ఆఫర్ ప్రయత్నించండి లేదు
வேண்டாம் முயற்சி
ઓફર પ્રયાસ નથી
অফার চেষ্টা করবেন না
ഈ ഓഫർ ശ്രമിക്കരുത്
ಆಫರ್ ಹೋಗಬೇಡಿ

Post Date: 15 Nov 2018

Post ID: #70141

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