[SPAM] UNGHU PAWAEE Flower From Tamil Nadu Releases Steam Like Railway’s Steam Engine


[SPAM] UNGHU PAWAEE Flower From Tamil Nadu Releases Steam Like Railway’s Steam Engine

Video of flowers created using computer graphics is shared with false claims on social media.

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The below post has been circulating on social media

A seasonal plant grows in Tamilnadu. It’s name is UNGHU PAWAEE. The androsium part of it’s flower releases steam at regular intervals like steam released from railway’s steam engine.
One of the wonders of nature


Verification: The video of flowers is not real but the Computer Graphic Artwork

A post with a video of a flower claims that the name of the flower is Unghu Pawaee which is a very rare flower that grows in Tamil Nadu. This plant releases steam at regular intervals like the railway’s steam engine. The post was also shared earlier in the year 2021 with the claim “This medicinal #plant, found only in dark rainy forests is called Oodhu Paavai in Tamil. It blows out pollen grains periodically through its funnel-like structure.” The creator of the digital video, Luke Penry himself replied to the tweet and clarified by writing “Hey! I made this animation 😁. Check it out in my feed. The creation was also shared by Visual Atelier 8 giving credit to original creator Luke Penry. The video can be seen on the Instagram account of Luke Penry with the description “Audio by the talented @flank_audio Support and follow him! He always smashes it. Imagine walking through a jungle and hearing these echo from the treetops.” The computer graphics created all the confusion. Luke Penry has the video on his Youtube channel and the comments on the video show conversation between the author and viewers that read how people have misunderstood the creation as real and thus the video made it viral with false claims. The flower is not real but the Computer Graphic Artwork. The video is widely shared on WhatsApp.

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UNGHU PAWAEE Flower From Tamil Nadu Releases Steam Like Railway’s Steam Engine I Nokiye

Post Date: 02 July 2022

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4 months ago

Good Initiative. And thanks for the truth.

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