[FYI] Secret Of The Briefcase That The Bodyguard Of PM Modi Carries


[FYI] Secret Of The Briefcase That The Bodyguard Of PM Modi Carries

The post is to clear the confusion about the content of the briefcase that a bodyguard of PM Modi carries. Please find more details about it in this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

What is in the briefcase

Verification: The briefcase is actually a Ballistic Shield to protect a person in case of firing or any mishappening

The responsibility of  security of the Prime Minister is with the Special Protection Force i.e. SPG. if the Prime Minister wants, he can refuse to take this security, it solely depends upon the PM whether to take it or not.

You would have noticed that a bodyguard walking beside PM carries a briefcase. People have different ideas about the content of that briefcase. Some says there is a Machine gun in it. It’s not possible to carry Machine gun in that briefcase as it is a huge assembly.  Pistol can be carried in that briefcase for protection in case of any threat. In fact the briefcase is a portable bullet proof shield or a portable folded ballistic shield which can be opened during the attack and provides the protection of NIG Level 3. Whenever security forces see some suspicious activity, they shake the shield downward to open it up for securing the prime minister from any attack. It acts as a shield that gives immediate and temporary protection to the VVIPs.


Please watch the following video to know the fact:


Watch the video below to know more about Ballistic Briefcase:


Tainu Kala Chasma Jachda hai………

Yes we are talking about those black sunglasses the bodyguards cover their eyes with. The reasons to wear black sunglasses are:

1..Misleads attackers: Attackers cannot judge if the bodyguard is looking at him if found suspicious.

2..Help protect from external objects: In case of dust or any external object that can harm eyes, black sunglasses protect them.

3..Protection in case of blasts: In case of blast or any mishappening, eyes are not affected due to glasses.

4..Psychological reasons: When a blast or sudden disruption occurs, human nature is to first shut the eyes. Wearing the sunglasses gives an added layer of protection and helps keep the eyes open and alert even during such times. 

5..To hide their emotions: We all are human first. Many a times emotions may hinder the action or attacker can judge your state and can take advantage of it. In such situation,once again these glasses help hide emotions and allow a bodyguard to act accordingly.

6..To avoid glares from sunlight or direct flashes: Sometimes due to excess light or some shiny objects, eyes are automatically closed. These glasses help during this situation and bodyguard can take the appropriate action without wasting any moment.

There is always a threat to the personalities who are at very high level. To ensure the safety, measures are taken to provide safety to them.

Post Date: 18 May 2019

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