[FYI] Scuba Diving Lizard


[FYI] Scuba Diving Lizard

The post is shared to know more about Scuba Diving Lizard. Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

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Nature is beautiful and very informative. What we study is based on nature. We come across strange creatures and their amazing habitats. We learn a lot from nature. Nature is our best teacher. The creature named Scuba Diving Lizard is such with amazing feature. Let’s know more about it:

A lizard lives next to streams in the mountains of Costa Rica, have evolved a kind of scuba tank to help it stay underwater for long periods.
Scuba-diving lizard can stay underwater for at least 16 minutes. Even though the bubble is relatively large, it remains attached to the lizard’s head rather than floating off to the surface. “The bubble is pretty huge,” says Swierk. “The shape of the head could be an adaptation to hold the air bubble in place.”oxygen diffuses into the bubble from the surrounding water while carbon dioxide diffuses out. Read more

Herpetologist Lindsey Swierk captured footage of a water anole, a lizard native to Costa Rica, breathing underwater with a giant air bubble around its nose.
The anole used the “scuba tank” breathing method to be submerged underwater for a record 16 minutes.
It’s possible that air pockets are trapped around the creature’s head and throat, so the breathing with the air bubble allows for the “trading” of fresh air among the air pockets.
Aquatic insects like diving beetles use a similar method of underwater breathing. Read more

Post Date: 17 Aug  2019

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