[SPAM] Church On Tirumala Hills


[SPAM] Church On Tirumala Hills

This is a fake post circulating with wrong claims about invasion of Church on Tirumala hills. Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.



Verification: The building is Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve building

The post shared is not true. Biosphere reserve building is claimed as church in viral post. In fact the building claimed to be a church in Tirumala is actually Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve Deccan South Indian.

The building is located in Seshachalam hills. Lets know more about these hills:

The Seshachalam hills are hilly ranges and a part of the Eastern Ghats in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. The hills are also known as Venkatachalam. In the year 2010, these hills were designated as a Biosphere Reserve. It has large reserves of red sandalwood which is used in medicines, soaps and spiritual rituals. The Sri Venkateswara National Park is located in these ranges. The famous Natural Arch, Tirumala hills, is also a part of the Seshachalam hills.

Tirupati, a major pilgrimage town, is located in the hills. The hill contains seven peaks namely,

1. Vrishabhadri — Hill of Nandi, the vahana of Lord Shiva

2. Anjanadri — Hill of Lord Hanuman.

3. Neeladri — Hill of Neela Devi

4. Garudadri or Garudachalam — Hill of Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu

5. Seshadri or Seshachalam — Hill of Sesha, the dasa of Lord Vishnu

6. Narayanadri — Hill of Narayana. Srivari Padalu are located here

7. Venkatadri — Hill of Lord Venkateswara

Know more about these seven hills: About Tirumala Hills

This video takes you around the seven sacred hills of Tirumala, the abode of India’s wealthiest Temple Deity -Venkateswara Swami, known affectionately as Balaji.

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