[SPAM] You Have Not Registered Your SBI Card Number On Our Website


[SPAM] You Have Not Registered Your SBI Card Number On Our Website

This is a false post circulating on social media with fake link of SBI. Please find details about it in this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media.

Our record says that you have not registered your SBI card number on our website. To stay updated with your transaction, register now http://bit.ly/1V8wNAQ



Verification: This is fraud attempt. This is not from State Bank Of India

There are many such links are shared so as to fetch bank details. Please be careful and go through the links shared below that gives you  awareness about how to be safe and how to handle these kind of fake messages.

Below are the lines from the article In Indian Express:

SBI Card notices ‘Vishing’ fraud attempts, alerts customers: Read more

“Alarmed over the rise in attempted ‘Vishing’ frauds, SBI Card has alerted customers not to fall prey to fraudulent callers and disclose key information like credit card PIN and passwords.

“Of late, through media reports, our own experience and interactions with other banks in the industry, we have noticed several instances of attempted ‘Vishing’ frauds in the card industry,” it said in a communication to its customers.

A ‘Vishing’ call involves a fraudulent caller posing as an employee from a financial institution/bank/credit card firm, asking for credit card/bank account as well as certain other personal details.

The modus operandi of such calls is to offer you a very attractive discount/gift package/card upgrade/reward redemption offer/credit limit increase and lure you into sharing sensitive card/bank account information.

After procuring details such as CVV, One Time Password, PIN, Internet Account password the fraudsters may attempt fraudulent transactions on your credit card/bank account.

“We at SBI Card never ask for any such sensitive and confidential information like CVV, PIN, One Time Password (OTP) and Internet Login User Id and Password,” the SBI Card stressed.

SBI Card is the third largest credit card provider in the country with 2.86 million customers.

It said that if a customer is suspicious of any call asking him or her to verify such information, please call SBI Card helpline immediately to report the matter.

Recently, outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had warned public of fraudulent prize winning emails in the name of RBI, saying the central bank does not give money to citizens directly even though it prints currency notes.”

Below are the lines from the article In NDTV PROFIT:

Block The Sender, Report Immediately’: SBI Warns Public Against Fraudulent SMS
SBI Card notices ‘Vishing’ fraud attempts, alerts customers: Read more

“In case your personal banking details have been compromised with because of a fraudulent SMS, please report it to the bank immediately. That was the message State Bank of India (SBI) shared on microblogging site Twitter, cautioning the public against circulation of fraudulent SMSes asking the receiver to share their bank details. On receiving any such fraud SMS, individuals should “block the sender”, advised State Bank of India. “If your details have been compromised, report it to SBI immediately,” SBI said. The country’s largest bank, SBI, also urged the customer not to share his or her personal details such as ATM card number, PIN, password, CVV (card verification value) number and card validity period.

Here are five things that SBI said on fraudulent SMS asking the receiver to share his or her banking details:

1. “SBI will never ask you to share your personal details,” the banking major said.

2. “Never respond to any SMS, popup or phone call” in which the caller or sender demands sharing of details such as ATM card number, ATM PIN, card validity period, CVV number, any password or CRN (customer reference number).

These details are required by the customer to be able to make an electronic banking transaction.

3. The bank advised the customer not to share the following details:

ATM card number
MPIN (mobile banking personal identification number)
Validity period
Mobile number
3. “Be wary of SMSes that ask you to share your personal details,” said SBI.

4. SBI also shared an example of such fraudulent communication:

Dear Customer
Your XYZ Credit Card points worth Rs. XXXX expire by DD/MM/YYYY. Kindly convert your points into cash by clicking here

5. “These SMS messages are sent by fraudsters. Ensure you ignore and block these senders. Report these incidents to SBI immediately,” said SBI
SBI has time and again taken to social media to share tips with its customers with an aim to promote secure banking transactions.”

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before forwarding and believing any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.

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Post Date: 22 Mar 2019

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