(SPAM) Qatari Woman Enters Guinness Records for Most Expensive Smile


(SPAM) Qatari Woman Enters Guinness Records for Most Expensive Smile Costing $153,000

This is a hoax. There has been no such record and the picture circulating is of a jewelry which could be found online. Please find more details at the verification section of this article. 

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media

qatari woman guinness record expensive smile spam

A Qatari woman achieved a record and entered Guinness World Records, winning the world’s most expensive smile, costing $ 153,000. The woman’s smile is made of gold and diamonds, and was carried out in one of the most famous dental clinics in Dubai, where it took three weeks, costing 153 thousand dollars, and took two sessions. In the manufacture of these teeth were used 10 grams of pure gold, 24 carats, 88 diamonds Masia, size 1.3, 68 diamonds size 1.7 and 4 2.8 inches.


There has been no such Guinness Record awarded. The picture circulating along with the post is of a jewelry which can be found at link below.

Post Date: 18th April 2017

Post ID: #67792

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