[SPAM] MH370 Pilot Mysteriously Resurfaced After 2 Years


[SPAM] MH370 Pilot Mysteriously Resurfaced Almost 2 Years After His Flight Vanished Over China Sea

This was a fake news spread bire a satire website called World News Daily Report. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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MH370 Pilot - SPAM

The pilot of the infamous flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that disappeared in March 2013, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has mysteriously reappeared in a Taiwan hospital on Monday, suffering from severe dehydration and some type of amnesia.

The 53-year-old pilot was transported to the Taipei Adventist Hospital by a couple of villagers from a nearby town. They claimed to have found the man while he was lying unconscious on the banks of the Tangshui River.

He finally woke up almost 16 hours after arriving at the hospital, but couldn’t remember his name or how he arrived in Taipei. He was quickly identified by his fingerprints, which instantly attracted global attention from the media and from various Asian governments.

The doctors who have been treating him believe that he may be suffering from regressive amnesia, caused by a major stress or life-threatening situation.


This was a fake news spread bire a satire website called World News Daily Report.

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