[SPAM] Krishna And Pandavas Painting Exists In Panjshir Palace Afghanistan


[SPAM] Krishna And Pandavas Painting Exists In Panjshir Palace Afghanistan

The painting of Krishna and Pandavas is shared with false claims that it exists in Panjshir Palace Afghanistan

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The below post has been circulating on social media

This painting exists in the Panj-sheer Palace.
It is located in the Gandhara kingdom since the time of the Mahabharata, in present-day Afghanistan.


Verification: The painting of Krishna and Pandavas is not in Panjshir Palace Afghanistan

The painting of Krishna and Pandavas is shared on Facebook and Twitter with false claims that the painting exists in Panj-sheer Palace Afghanistan. Crucially, there is no evidence that Panjshir Palace exists

The painting shared can be seen on Russian Art Gallery ArtSpb.Ru. The name of the artist is written as Rasikananda. Check the screenshot shared below:


An artist on Facebook clarified to AltNews that his name is Novikov V but he uses his devotional name, Rasikananda Das ( Rasikananda was born in 1973 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Graduated from art school. From 1990 to 1993 he studied at the Vladivostok Art School. Since 1993 he has illustrated books by the international publishing house BBT (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust). Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists (IFA). He shared the painting with the clarification as stated below:
“Interesting enough, that this my old painting became very “ popular” on Indian social media. Few people contacted me last two days with requests to comment whether is it a palace in Panjshir or something else. Some people claim that this is a historical place where in Panjshir 5 Pandavas lived, and I somehow depicted this historical palace.
NO, it’s just my original creation, not a historical site.
( this is for those who became victims of that fake )”

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Krishna And Pandavas Painting Exists In Panjsheer Palace Afghanistan I Nokiye

Post Date: 26 Sep 2021

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