[SPAM] Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina No More


[SPAM]  Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina No More

This post about an Indian cricketer Suresh Raina’s accident and death circulating on social media is not true. Please find more details in this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.



Verification: Cricketer Suresh Raina is alive and kicking

The news and videos claiming about the accident and death of an Indian cricketer is not true. Suresh Raina is very much alive. These kind of fake news affects the families of the concerned. Without knowing the truth, some people just make a fake story and post on youtube. Suresh Raina also got upset as this fake news was responsible for the tension in his family. Suresh Raina tweeted about it to let others know that the news about his death is fake. He also wants an action against such youtube channels who spread fake informations. Check the tweet by Suresh Raina:


We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before forwarding and believing any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.

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Suresh Raina No More | Nokiye.com

Post Date: 13 Feb 2019

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