[SPAM] Hindu Priest Beaten By Bangladeshis


[SPAM] Hindu Priest Beaten By Bangladeshis

The fake claims about Hindu priests beaten up by Bangladeshis is shared on social media

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Hindu Priest Beaten By Bangladeshis

अब धर्मनगरी मथुरा में संत पर हमला

Vaishnav priest Tamal Krishna Das attack at Imlital temple in Vrindavan

Hindu priest relentlessly beaten by Hindu haters:
Tamal Krishna Das ji, an old Vaishnav sadhu & one of the main priests of Imlitala Temple in Vrindavan, UP.
Two of the assailants are suspected Bangladeshis & rest are absconding

अब वृंदावन के साधु पर क्रूर हमला… इमलीताला मंदिर के संत तमाल कृष्ण दास को बुरी तरह पीटा


Verification: Hindu priests in Mathura were not beaten up by Bangladeshis

The images of wounded Hindu priests from Vrindavan Mathura is shared with false claims. The claim is the Hindu priests were beaten up by Bangladeshis. Som wrote they were beaten up by goons. Some gave the caption “अब धर्मनगरी मथुरा में संत पर हमला.”  The viral post s can be seen here, here and here

As per Mathura police the incidence is from Gaudiya Mutt, Imlitala Vrindavan. The fight was between the ex-President Tamal Das and the disciples of the current president BP Sadhu. The fight started and Tamal Das was injured. FIR has been registered and three people, who have been identified as –Sachidanand, Govinda, Jagannath and Gobind Singh. He said there was no outsiders.

There is no mention of any Bangladeshi involved in the matter as claimed in viral posts.Check the links below to know the facts:

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Hindu Priest Beaten By Bangladeshis I Nokiye

Post Date: 13 May 2020

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