[VERIFIED] Turtle With The Word “GOD” Marking On Its Shell


[VERIFIED] Turtle With The Word “GOD” Marking On Its Shell

The photo of turtle with word “GOD” marked on its shell shared on social media is true. Please read more about it in verification section of this article.

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Hey Look! The Artist signed His Name!


Verification: Photo of Turtle with the word “GOD” marking on its shell is real

No doubt, nature is very beautiful. We all are the creation and part of nature. So are the other creatures. There are variety of creatures with beautiful features and sounds and much more. One can spend hours appreciating nature. At times we make our own assumptions looking at the things and we figure out some words or images. As kids, remember figuring out a Teddy Bear in clouds or some formation in water sprinkled on walls. Sometimes we visualize faces and figures in fruits and vegetables.The nature gives us amazing things and creatures to appreciate. Read more about the science behind this i.e. Pareidolia: Seeing Faces and objects in Unusual Places. The turtle was brought to a Oxford veterinary hospital by someone and people there were amazed how nature can spell out and noticed these words “GOD” on its shell. This photo is being shared on and off on social media. Go through the links below that verify that the photo shared is real:

A client brought this turtle in some time ago. We thought it was interesting what nature can spell out. Do you see the word?

Posted by Oxford Veterinary Hospital on Friday, May 17, 2013


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