[SPAM] Dr Hariharini Died Due To COVID-19 Vaccine


[SPAM] Dr Hariharini Died Due To COVID-19 Vaccine

The post with false claims of Dr Hariharini’s death due to the COVID-19 Vaccine is shared on social media

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media

Dr Hariharini Died Due To COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr,Hariharini Md Died because she was injected Diclofenac by her husband Doctor after Covid Vaccination , So pain killers should not taken after Covid Vaccination. Valuable information

Heartbreaking news!
This young doctor Hariharini sadly passed away today following developing severe anaphylaxis to Inj. Diclofenac which was given to her by her husband at home for myalgia following Covid vaccination.
She died at Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai after a brief battle in ICU.
She was doing MD Anaesthesia at Madurai Medical College and was married 4 months ago. Her husband is doing MS Gen Surg at Madurai Medical College.
She belongs to the 2012 Batch from Thanjavur Medical College.
Any type of painkiller especially diclofenac sodium in tablet or injectable form is NOT AT ALL Advisable after getting vaccinated. The fever or bodypain or pain at site of vaccine is common and a body response to the vaccine. Kindly share with all those who have taken the vaccine or going to take.

Please everyone in the group share this imporatant message through whats app as well as verbally too🙏🏻


Verification: Dr Hariharini did not die due to COVID-19 Vaccine

The post with false claims of Dr Hariharini’s death due to the COVID-19 Vaccine is shared on social media. Doctors and the District Immunisation Officer Dr AV Arjun Kumar have ruled out the COVID-19 vaccine as the reason behind the death of a 26-year-old doctor Dr. Hari Harini in Madurai on March 11. Check4Spam got the query on Whatsaap. Check the links below to know the facts:

Indian Express had published an article with the caption “Madurai doctor’s death not linked to Covid vaccination: Health Dept” regarding the viral post that is being shared falsely on social media. The News Minute also spoke to the inspector in Avaniyapuram police station, who said that the doctors had confirmed that COVID-19 vaccine is not the cause of her death. Dr Hariharini had taken COVID-19 Vaccine on 5th Feb 2021 and she she was brought to hospital on 5th March 2021in unconscioius state by her husband after she complained of pain and Doctor husband gave her painkiller injection Diclofenac.


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Dr Hariharini Died Due To COVID-19 Vaccine I Nokiye

Post Date: 27 March 2021

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