[SPAM] बालाकोट में एयर स्‍ट्राइक का पहला VIDEO जारी, वायुसेना की फिल्‍म में हमले के सबूत


[SPAM] बालाकोट में एयर स्‍ट्राइक का पहला VIDEO जारी, वायुसेना की फिल्‍म में हमले के सबूत

The promotional video from the Press conference is shared with wrong captions on social media. Please read more about it in verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

बालाकोट में एयर स्‍ट्राइक का पहला VIDEO जारी, वायुसेना की फिल्‍म में हमले के सबूत




Verification: No shots of Balakot Strikes in the video

The video is being shared by various media as real Balakot Air Strike where as this is not true. Air Chief Marshal Bhaduria himself clarified this. Please go through the links shared below to k ow more about it:

Indian Air Force releases promo video featuring Balakot airstrike: Read more

“The Indian Air Force released a promotional video featuring the story of the Balakot airstrike from earlier this year that targetted a terrorist camp in Pakistan. The video was released by IAF chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria ahead of the Indian Air Force Day, which falls on October 8. The promotional video features shots of fighter jets taking off, dropping missiles and radars zooming in to targets.

While releasing the video, Air Chief Marshal Bhaduria clarified that the video footage in the promotional video was not actually from February 26, when Mirage-2000 fighters of the Indian Air Force took from various airfields in India and launched an airstrike targeting a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist camp in Balakot in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The video features a voiceover that talks about how the Indian Air Force avenged the Pulwama terror attack of February 14 in which 40 jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force were killed.

The voiceover is accompanied by visuals of IAF pilots in a briefing room. The pilots are then seen running out to their Mirage-2000 fighter jets and taking off. This is followed by visuals of air traffic control centres as well as shots of radars zooming in to potential targets.

The video also briefly shows the story of the February 27 dogfight between Indian and Pakistani fighter jets. This part features visuals of MiG-21 fighter jets, which were involved in the dogfight, taking off from a runway.”

Read more @ Alt News

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बालाकोट में एयर स्‍ट्राइक का पहला VIDEO जारी  I Nokiye

Post Date: 7 Oct 2019

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