(NOT SPAM) Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties


(NOT SPAM) ‘Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualty’ accounts opened for Army personnel

Post Information: This below post shared on social media may be ONLY partially TRUE, For details Please read our Verification section below

Our suggestions of Re.1/- per day to be given to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons purchase has been ACCEPTED BY THE GOVT. and Account has been opened at SYNDICATE BANK, NEW DELHI SOUTH EXTENSION BRANCH.

A/C No. 90552010165915.
IFSC : SYNB0009055.

At today’s population @130 Crores, even 100 crores or 70% people deposit ONE RUPEE EACH, the Defence Ministry gets 100 crores per Day and 3000 crores per month and 36000 crores in one Year WHICH IS EQUAL TO PAKISTAN’s BUDGET OF DEFENCE EXPENDITURE.

We don’t get even a glass of water in Re.1/- but this ONE RUPEE as a TOTAL STRENGTH CAN MAKE INDIA A SUPER POWER. Dear Friends, Let’s come together and show solidarity to strengthen our DEFENCE FORCES, JAWANS, POLICE, PARA, CRPF, and all connected organizations to buy Best ARMS & AMMUNITION.

All options of Deposit are Accepted.

Please Join our Mission


This is to help our brave soldiers who is protecting us at Borders…

Post Date: 30 Aug 2016


The existence of the above mentioned account for the welfare of families of battle casualties, and it accepts donations from general public are TRUE and that can be verified from the links below.

Adjutant General’s Branch (Accounts Section) Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties
indianarmyveterans.gov.in | 23 June 2016

Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties

Army welfare fund no hoax, says Defence Ministry
DECCAN CHRONICLE | Oct 4, 2016, 1:16 am IST

Now this account is supposed to be (ONLY) for donation for the families of battle casualties. Its clearly mentioned at the document shown at the above Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) website. 

The claim of the above post and the below media news about this funds being used for increasing the weaponry stock of our army might be questionable.

Please find below the mainstream media news about this initiative from our Government


Press Information Bureau Report, dated  Oct 2016

 Post ID: #563


17 Feb 2017: Found a PIB report dated Oct 2016. Added to the verification section

04 Oct 2016: Added the deccanchronicle article in the verification section

31 Aug 2016: Added the reason for questioning the claims of the media videos

30 Aug 2016: Added the post

For search benefits:

  • Modi’s ONE RUPEE PLAN who will Make india SUPER POWER
  • Sikka banayega super power



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Sharathchandran Nair
5 years ago

We as a common man are doing our part. I am sure on seeing this most of the common man would have done whatever possible within limits.But where is the black money that is lying in the Swiss /Lichtenstein and other countries that was supposed to be bought back to the nation long back.
Since 8.9-10.5 lakh crore INR is a huge amount

Government should take initiatives on that too.

Naveen Panthri
5 years ago

Khareed toh lenge par maintenance bhi toh hoti hai bhai ….. Phir inko khareed kar rakhne se kya hoga ….. Istamaal bhi karo 🙂 …… Mere hisaab se yeh paisa un families ko milna chahiye jinhone ne apno ko khoya hai desh ke liye ….. Unhe power do ….. Paise toh bahut aa jaayenge bank mai par iss paise ka sahi istmaal ho iss par kaun nazar rakhega ….. Hum Hindustani bahut emotional hote hai and I am sure ke paise toh bahut aayega iss account mai …. Par sabse bada sawaal yeh hai ke yeh desh ke logon ka… Read more »

5 years ago

Great initiative

5 years ago

Great initiative.

Ahraf Ak
5 years ago

Lets all join together and make a difference

Dhandeep Lodaya
5 years ago

i dont get it! every item we buy, every food we eat , every transportation we use, we pay service tax that goes directly to govt. Last time i ate a dosa, i paid 2 rs to govt as service tax. so the total tax i give to govt is way way more than 1 rs per day.
opening an account in bank to collect money doesnt look like what govt would/should do.

Santosh Kumar Chaurasia
5 years ago

Log chahe khub kahe pr maine soch liya hai.. faisla kr liya hai.. ab se har month minimum 500 /- tk es account me jama krunga… Mere khyal se faltu ki baat krne se jada achha ye hoga ki jo mauka hame mila hai hamre desh ki surksha ke liye ham uska behtr istmal kre…jai hind jai bharat jai sena…

5 years ago

In my personal opinion, please don’t even get into all this shit! Govt is literally begging now from common public! Already we’re paying enough taxes in various segments. Beyond that this new drama! In the USA, UK, and anther countries they take the responsibility of the citizens, i.e. Old men, unemployed, but in India nobody even bothers! Politicians are ready to grab everything, everyone knows that and everyone is quiet! Why to beg from common public who already struggles everyday to survive. Rather make an incumbent action of collecting from actor/actress & cricket players who are already loaded with money!… Read more »

pradeep sharma
5 years ago

@vishalvodro:disqus u r actully right, i wana simply ask , our parents cradle us whole life, without expecting from us, when our parents get oldies should us help him or not???????? Its same with india ,LOG jaaan de dete h apne mulk k liye or hum 1 rupee fund k liye b ro rhe h. same on you guys

5 years ago
Reply to  pradeep sharma

I hope you’ve read my entire message! If not please re-read. Won’t take much time for sure to realise what is my logic about. 1 rupee isn’t the issue, the issue is, all this time govt used to collect money through tax system, now they started begging openly! Why not add this 1 rupee into another tax? We’re already used of paying tax, won’t make any difference for anther 1 rupee tax. Right? All the dilemmas about making common public fool! Why not all the actors & players contributing a huge amount from their side for country love? Why always… Read more »

pradeep sharma
5 years ago

Log jaan dene ko tyaar h desh k liye or ye to 1 rupee ki baat h. definitely we ll support.

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