[SPAM] Rs 3-15 Lakh Promised By PM Modi Through Postal Accounts ( Munnar )


[SPAM] Rs 3-15 Lakh Promised By Prime Minister Narendra Modi Through Postal Accounts ( Munnar )

False claims that PM Modi promised Rs 3-15 lakh will be disbursed through postal accounts during the election campaign. Please read more at the verification section of this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media

“Tomorrow is a golden day for u. Tomorrow morning 8 am to till the next day there will be Indian Postal Payment Bank (IPPB) account opening. You should bring Aadhar card with 2 photos; if u open this account, government will give loans (mudra loan and kissan credit loan) shortly at Munnar post office. Please use this opportunity. Kindly share this matter your relations. To open Indian Postal Payment Banking Account, an amount of Rs 100 along with Aadhaar card copy and 2 passport photos should be given. PLACE : MUNNAR POST OFFICE,”

Verification: No, There is no such official information from government authorities

The message claimed that Rs 3 -15 lakh promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the election campaign will be disbursed through postal accounts. People rush to open postal account in Kerala’s Munnar to get Rs 15 lakh ‘promised by Modi govt.

The post office even put up a notice board outside the building stating that there was no Rs 15 lakh scheme introduced by the government. People didn’t take notice of the board that clarified the fake news and continued to rush. Read more @ India Finance News

Read more@ The NEWS Minute

The officials clearly stated that they were unaware of any such announcement from the Central government and no information regarding the same was passed on to the public from any post offices. “We did not give any information that they will get benefits by opening postal accounts. Last week, there were directions from the postal department to open Rs 1 crore new accounts and we arranged the facility also. As per the scheme, a deposit of Rs 100, Aadhar Card and two passport size photographs were required to start the savings bank account,” said V. Paramasivom, Superintendent of Post Office.

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before forwarding and believing any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.

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Rs 15 Lakh Promised By Prime Minister Narendra Modi  I Nokiye

Post Date: 16 Aug  2019

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