(SPAM) Woman Shaped Fruit Grown At Himalayas


(SPAM) Woman Shaped Fruit Grown In The Himalayas

This is fake. There is no authentic scientific article available anywhere about such a fruit. No research, no scientists, none involved. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Woman shaped fruit grown in the himalayas.

woman shaped fruit himalayas hoax woman shaped fruit himalayas hoax woman shaped fruit himalayas hoaxwoman shaped fruit himalayas hoax


(Added 21st March 2019)

This is a Flower(Narilatha or Liyathambara) in the shape of a Woman, which blossoms only once in 20 years. This flower is seen in Kerala, Paalakkadu, AMBHALABHAARA VILLAGE.IT IS A RAREST AND RAREST CREATION OF GOD. It is also a Wonder of the World. Please forward to all your groups.


So this claim of the woman fruit does not seem to have interested any of the scientists or biologists to carry out any kind of research to find any truth behind this if its its true. The very fact that there are no research, or paper or authentic reports about this itself is a proof that its fake.

This new started off initially that its a fruit at Thailand.


For the more curious please check out the Snopes article about this below.

Post Date: 15th March 2017

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Moosa Manik
5 months ago

Hi, I have read this episode on narilata, and am of the opinion that this is a hoax. So far, there are not journals or botanical credibility that is found in my quest for the answer.

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