[SPAM] Use Of Sanitizer For 50-60 Days Leads To Skin Disease And Cancer


[SPAM] Use Of Sanitizer For 50-60 Days Leads To Skin Diseases And Cancer

The fake news article is shared with false claims of cancer and skin diseases caused by continuous use of Sanitizer for 50-60 days

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Use Of Sanitizer For 50-60 Days Leads To Skin Disease And Cancer



Verification: Hand Sanitizers with 70% alcohol content is recommended for protection against #COVID

Message viral on WhatsApp and other social platforms with the claim that continuous use of sanitizer for 50-60 days can lead to harmful skin disease & cancer. Use of hand sanitizers does not harm humans. Hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol content are recommended for protection against #COVID. Press Information Bureau confirmed in its tweet. Check the link below to know the fact:

While we share the facts with you, let us know more about Sanitizers:

How to Tell If the Hand Sanitizer You’re Buying Is Safe and Actually Works: Read more

Hand sanitizer has an expiration date. Does it matter amid coronavirus outbreak? Read more

Sanitise vs Sanitize

Sanitize is the original spelling, and until recently it prevailed throughout the English-speaking world. Over the past couple of decades, however, many British writers and publishers have begun using sanitise, and the spelling has also caught on elsewhere outside North America. This form is so new that it is still unlisted in most dictionaries. Even the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary is yet to recognize it: Read more

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Use Of Sanitizer For 50-60 Days Leads To Skin Disease And Cancer I Nokiye

Post Date: 3 June 2020

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