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[SPAM] Turkish Snack With Paralysis Pills

Misleading video about paralysis pills in Turkish snack is circulating on social media with false claims. Please read more about it in verification section of this article.

[SPAM] Turkish Snack With Paralysis Pills

Misleading video about paralysis pills in Turkish snack is circulating on social media with false claims. Please read more about it in verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

ALERT! These packets of snack are dangerous! Made in Turkey and exported to USA & Israel…inside each cake are tablets that cause paralysis!!! DO NOT EAT, DO NOT BUY! PLZ FWD


Verification: Video about paralysis pills in Turkish snack is not true

Video is circulating on various social media in various countries with fake claims. The video shared about paralysing pills in Luppo Coconut Cream Cake is not true. There are many clues that indicate that the video is being made to mislead people. Formation of words, deforming of cake after it is opened, cracks in cake are clues that indicate its fake.
When opening the package there is a missing part in the snack. It is possible think that the pills were introduced from that point and then locked up.
When the person opens the cake packet, for a few seconds there is no cake visible. it is possible that the cake was replaced with that of the one that could mislead people. Drawing of  a little ball of cream is also not as in real pack. Check the images and the links shared below to know the fact:

There is some missing part at the lower side of cake:

Hands disappear at this stage:

Check the deformation at the top of the cake:

Check the shape of small cream ball:

Real packet of Luppo Coconut Cream Cake

Psychosis online in half the world: “Beware of Turkish snacks with paralyzing pills”: Read more

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The allegation that Luppo branded cakes belonging to Şölen Çikolata come out of pills: Read more

In a video uploaded to the video sharing platform YouTube , a Luppo branded cake by Şölen Çikolata claimed two pills. The video has spread rapidly on social media since last week; The fact that the product is in the junk food class, which is generally consumed by children, increased the anxiety. The video shared by a user on Facebook was shared by 36 thousand and another by more than 30 thousand. Allegedly, not only in Turkey, Iraq and Israel also came to the agenda.

However, it is not true that Şölen’s pills came out when the original packaging of Luppo branded cake was opened. If the video is examined carefully, the deformation in the cake is noticed. Products sold in Turkey is not an export product and the results of the inspection are clean.

Video was shot in Turkey and does not represent a product sold in the domestic market
Unlike search engines, we have access to the first copy of the October 28 video with better resolution and sound with visual search .

Next social media sharing most of their voice heard in this video, as the goods in 45 seconds Sorani says came from Turkey. Soranic is a dialect of Kurdish and one of the official languages ​​of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. This situation makes you think the video is shot in Turkey.

Another product exported from Turkey was seen in the video, Ace Aspiliç of poultry. As Tavukçuluk ‘s biggest export market is Iraq and it further strengthens the possibility that this video was shot in Iraq.

The results of the production and export controls are clean
Indeed, Feast sold on Turkey’s domestic chocolate market a product with the brand and packaging do not. Şölen Chocolate produces the product shown in the video only for export markets. The company shared the laboratory results of the most recent party sent with the ID and packaging information about the Luppo Choco Coconut Cake shown in the video, and confirmed the confirmation with the company.

Food products manufacturing processes, both internal and independent audit passes . The results of the independent auditors’ laboratory for Şölen Çikolata do not reveal any findings. Moreover, each export product is re-checked at the customs of the country of shipment. So even if an addition was made to the products, this was most likely to have happened in Iraq after delivery.

Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, said Health Ministry spokesman also did, that there is something like pills in the cake, he added that the pills be determined later , he said .

The cake in the video has holes
If the original video is played back by slowing down by 75 percent (0.25x), a few details can be noticed quickly. The first is that the hand in the images is opening the third package, which does not indicate whether it has already been opened, rather than the first two packages that it has shown in detail. When we examine the cake shown in the video on this doubt, we can see the holes on the cake. The pills shown in the continuation of the video come from exactly where they come from under the hole.

Teyit also met with journalist sources working in the region and found that after the Peace Spring Operation, a boycott attempt was initiated against Turkish goods in Northern Iraq. It is said that attempts to boycott the cause of the emergence of such videos.

Not an example of intentional contamination
Confirmed Petek Ataman, former President of the Chamber of Food Engineers, received information about the issue. Ataman said that he was watching the video and that it was difficult for a regular consumer to find a pill that he didn’t put on his own. According to Ataman, who says that if such an ingredient is added, it should melt or deform during the cooking process, it is necessary to approach the food speculations made with a certain brand with suspicion. When we asked Ataman whether there would be a deliberate addition to a food product, he replied: “Food products undergo multiple controls. However, each product is not individually controlled. Representative samples are taken and tested. Of course it is always possible that this is one of the most debated issues of our time.. But what we see here is not an example of one of these intentions. If there is an intent here, it is the intent of the author. ”

According to the report titled Terör Terrorist Threats in Food rapor prepared by the World Health Organization , the main active substances used in deliberate food contamination are toxic chemicals, microbiological pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides and radionuclear substances. However, these are very dangerous substances and a hand that knows that a dangerous substance will come out of the package should have preferred to wear gloves.

The claims of food pills are not new. A similar claim in 2015, have been raised in the United States, Halloween has been suggested that the pill of candies distributed for Halloween and the needle out, but the investigation result of the incident “a childish prank” that from nothing was explained .

What’s in Luppo?
The Luppo cake produced by Luppo for export markets contains a variety of substances, such as fructose and glucose syrup, which are known to cause harm to human health , but do not contain any “drugs” .


Cake (73%): Wheat flour (contains gluten), sugar, vegetable oil (palm), eggs, glucose-fructose syrup, glucose syrup, wheat starch, whey powder, humectant (glycerol), emulsifier (mono and fatty acids) diglycerides, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids), bleaches (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, flavoring, thickener (xanthan gum), preservative (potassium sorbate), acidity regulator (citric acid)]
Cocoa coating (15%): Sugar, vegetable oil (palm), cocoa powder, whey powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavoring
Coconut cream (11%): Glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable oil (palm), humectant (sorbitol, glycerol), coconut (6%), skim milk powder, modified potato starch, thickener (pectin), emulsifier ( mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin), flavorings]
White cocoline pattern (1%): Sugar, vegetable oil (palm), whey powder (milk product), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), aroma emitter
Production line
Şölen Chocolates are produced in two factories in Gaziantep and Istanbul. The cakes shown in the video are produced in the facilities of 120 thousand square meters in Gaziantep . 2 thousand workers are working in the factories. Chocolate Festival which over 200 products to 120 countries, also support the Turquality brand owners .

Confirmation, Ankara Police Headquarters Department of Anti-Narcotic Crime Department received information. The expert police officer said that illegal pills can be produced in a variety of colors and shapes and transported using unimaginable tools. The fact that the pills were added during production was unlikely because the chemical effect would change, he added, adding that the counterfeit of this brand of cake and packaging could easily be produced.

As a result, the allegation that the Luppo cake belonging to Şölen Çikolata comes out of the pill does not reflect the truth. The product shown in the video is an export product and went through the necessary checks abroad. There is also a distinct hole in the cake in the video. The video is an example of manipulation, one of the seven most common types of false information.

Luppo cake, the hoax runs online: filled with pills that cause paralysis: Read more

News to handle carefully those concerning the food category as any uncertainty can be harmful for us and for others. This principle has allowed the news to become viral and to involve many people in the emotional state of panic. The insecurity mixed with fear generated a vortex that engulfed the poor unfortunates in front of the news.

It must be said that by using a critical filter and analysis in the analysis of the news some “warning lights” could have reassured us immediately. First of all, the channels set up to defend the customer and to control food quality would have disclosed the news cautiously. The law enforcement officers would seize the aforementioned products by themselves. Furthermore, the snacks have not been marketed in Italy, so they cannot be found in any distributor.

The news came from the site , a site that does not provide an actual reliability regarding the dangerousness of the snack in question, moreover the probable tablets seem to be pieces of cream condensed of a snack expired and put in the fridge for a long time.

In support of these theses that would unmask the news as a hoax, there are no reports even from sites like Rapex , a well-known European Union control site. Analyzing the sachet of the snack we can see the drawing of a little ball of cream. A fake news then in conclusion and nothing more.

The final sentence on snacks Lupo with tablets from Turkey: Luppo legend to block: Read more

In the first place, as emerged from a more careful analysis of the video in circulation on Facebook and WhatsApp, it should be pointed out that the alleged tablets that would be contained within the Lupo snacks (Luppo) are actually also found in the original packaging . Now, imagine for only a second the possible lack and neglect in the production phase, with the inclusion of tablets that according to unknown sources on the net could even lead to paralysis.

If there were such danger, it would obviously not be such a visible element. Yet the alleged tablets appear immediately in the package’s graphics . And this also applies to the chocolate-based version, although the false tablets in that case are of a different color. Moral of the story: does it seem to you that the producer is so crazy as to hurt you, showing you these pills immediately, through the snack packages? We’ll tell you more: the Lupo snacks (Luppo) that are talked about so much, are stuffed with coconut and those elements that created scandal on WhatsApp and Facebook do nothing but dissolve once they reach the temperature of 180 degrees (or at least they should according to the information collected, but we are awaiting a response from the manufacturer we contacted).

No plot, no attack on the health of our children, without prejudice to the confirmation that the Lupo snacks (Luppo) are not on the market in Italy , contrary to what is stated in the chain. Finally, authoritative sites such as RAPEX , with which we can obtain reports of this type regardless of the fact that the marketing of specific foods can take place in our country, tell us that Lupo snacks with tablets are not coming from Turkey.

Video posted by facebook page of a “Ministry of Health of Iraqi Kurdistan”:

Read more @ Snopes

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Turkish Snack With Paralysis Pills I Nokiye

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