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[SPAM] The Incident Happened In Bangalore

The Incident Happened In Bangalore

Incorrect information is being shared on social media about a woman being harrassed in Bangalore. Please find more details at this article.

[SPAM] The Incident Happened In Bangalore. Spread This msg In Whole Country. This Is The Least We Can Do

Incorrect information is being shared on social media about a woman being harassed in Bangalore. Please find more details at this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

The Incident happened In Bangalore. Spread this msg in whole Country. This is the least we can do



Verification: This video is not from Bangalore

This video is not at all from Bangalore. Listen to what the woman is saying. She says she called the police on 999 for help. In India, the number for police help is 100, for ambulance 102, for women help 181. 

While the video is viral with the fake caption, we would give you some more information about the helpline numbers in India. Below are a few links where one can get all the helpline numbers in India.

INDIAN Read more.

List of emergency Helpline numbers All Over in India: Read more.
The Government of India provides a single helpline number for all over in India offered by the Government agencies. These toll-free numbers are running across all states in India and available 24×7. The toll-free numbers/helplines are telephone and SMS based services which help the callers regarding various government services.

The following is a list of HelpLine numbers for All Over In India.

HelpLine Number Description
+91 9540161344. Air ambulance
100 Police
101 Fire
102 Ambulance
103 Traffic Police
1031 Anti Corruption Helpline
1033 Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways
104 State level helpline for Health
104 Hospital On Wheels
1066 Anti-poison
1070 Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities
1070 Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory
1071 Air Accident
1072 Train accident
1073 Road Accident
1073 Traffic Help Line
1077 Control room of District Collector/Magistrate
108 Disaster management
1090 Anti-terror Helpline/Alert All India
1091 Women in Distress
1092 Earth-quake Helpline service
1096 Natural disaster control room
1097 AIDS helpline
1097 AIDS helpline service
1098 Child abuse hotline
1099 Central Accident and Trauma Services
1099 Catastrophe & Trauma service
112 General emergency Department of Telecommunications (DoT)
112 All in one Emergency Number
1251 LIC Of India
12727 Public Grievance Cell Telecom Circle HQs
1320, 131, 1321 Indian Railway General Enquiry
1322 For any theft or harassment, nuisance caused due to smoking or alcohol consumption on train
1322 Indian Railway Security Helpline
133 Railway Helpline for Arrival/Departure and Reservation services
139 Railway Enquiry
1407 Indian Airlines
1414 Air India ( Confirmation / Cancellation Enquiry)(Called Party)
1500 for any queries related to a landline telephone, ISDN etc. Also accessible from CellOne, Excel & Tarang phones
1512 Railway
1551 Kisan Call Center
155200 Military Police Help Line
155233 Indian Oil Help Line
155255 / 1800 4254732 Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
155313 Water Board
155333 Electricity Complaints
1580 Trunk booking
1581 Trunk assistance
1582 STD complaints
1583 National Directory Enquiry (NDQ) Service
1586 International trunk booking
1587 International trunk enquiry
1588 International Trunk delay information
1589 Telex complaints
1600 Free Phone Enquiry
1602 India Telephone Card Enquiry
166 / 1660-69 Billing complaint centre
1671-73 Billing Complaint Center
1717 Weather Enquiry
1718 Maritime Search and Rescue control room of coastal guard
1800-11-0031 Drug de-addiction
1800-11-4000 National Consumer Helpline
1800-11-7800 MyGov Toll-Free Number for Mann Ki Baat for ideas and suggestions
1800-111-139 IRCTC Help Line
1800-180-1104 National Health Helpline
1800-180-5522 Anti Ragging-Emails at
1800-3000-780 Mann Ki Baat on the toll-free number
181 Domestic abuse and sexual violence women’s Helpline
1904 Indian Army Help Line
1906 LPG emergency helpline number
1910 Blood bank Information
1911 Dial a doctor
1913 Tourist Office (Govt.of India)
1916 Water Supply Complain
1918 Leased Circuits Fault Booking
1919 Eye Donation
1919 Eye bank information service
1947 Aadhar Card-UIDAI (Unique identification authority of India),1800-180-1947
1950 Election Commission of India
1951 Change number announcement (Hindi)
1952 Changed number announcement (English)
1953 Changed number announcement (Regional language)
1954 Changed number announcement (in case of shift)
1957 Sancharnet Internet Help desk service
1958 Leased Circuit Fault Booking (WTR)
1961 Aaykar Sampark Kendra (ASK)
197 Directory enquiry service
198 Telephone Complaint Booking

If you note carefully, 181 is for Domestic abuse and sexual violence women’s Helpline. Whereas the woman in the video says 999.

999 is the official emergency number for the United Kingdom, but calls are also accepted on the European Union emergency number, 112. All calls are answered by 999 operators. Calls are always free: Read more.

Countries and territories using 999 include Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Qatar, Ireland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

999: World’s oldest emergency helpline number turns 80-yr-old today in UK

As part of events to mark the anniversary of the 999 number, a special commemorative section has been set up on the Met’s Facebook page featuring video interviews with 999 operators, a wide range of photos, illustrations and facts and figures relating to the history of the service: Read more.


 Government launches ‘181’ women helpline number for all states

NEW DELHI: A month after releasing the three-digit emergency number for women in Delhi, the government today said it will make available the ‘181’ women helpline number to all states of the country.

“We will give single emergency number 181 to women across the country,” Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters in Delhi: Read more.

The PinkCity Post

Let us go through the helpline services provided by the state government for the safety of women in Rajasthan.
Women’s Helpline number- 1091/1090- is for the whole country.
Women can call at National Commission for Women (NCW) number’s 0111-23219750
Women can call at any of these toll-free numbers in Rajasthan to get the help. 1800-180-181-67814, 0141- 2744000
Women helpline launched by Sambhali Trust and christened as Nirbhaya Helpline is 1800-1200020: Read more.

Uttar Pradesh Police

Women Power Line (WPL) is Uttar Pradesh Police’s answer to a very inimical problem plaguing the Indian society: sexual harassment, and at its roots misogyny shrouded in the patriarchal mindset of our society: Read more.

1090 Women Power Line Success Stories:

We all together should make efforts to be safe and let others live safely, irrespective of gender. Respect for each other is very important. Undesirable treatment by other gender lead to uncomfortable situations. Everyone in our society have right to live peacefully, safely and with dignity. Some indecent behaviour by other at times torture mentally and physically. Be thoughtful, live and let live.

Find fact checking articles on this topic using

 Helplines for women In India |

Post Date: 25 Nov 2018

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