[SPAM] Rahul Gandhi Offering Namaz In Shiv Mandir


[SPAM] Rahul Gandhi Offering Namaz In Shiv Mandir

The image of Rahul Gandhi folding his hands for namaz in Shiv Mandir is circulating with misleading captions. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

ये कैसा ब्राह्मण DNA है जो शिव मंदिर में नवाज़ पढ़ रहा है … कितना सुतिया बनाएगा देश को (What kind of Brahmin DNA is this, offering nawaz inside Shiv mandir…how long will you fool the country- translated)

अबे मंदबुद्धि यह मंन्दिर है मस्जिद नही है…

Verification: Rahul Gandhi is not offering namaz but taking charnamrit or holy water from the priest.

Rahul Gandhi is visiting temples these days. He is being trolled many times. This image again like many others is in circulation claiming of his offering Namaz in temple. Once more a fake caption to the real image. He is in a process of folding his hands after taking holy water from the temple priest. This post is shared on Facebook and Twitter many times and is still on circulation misleading people. Don’t just believe the forwarded video or image immediately. Check out few posts from various fact checking sites. If you find the image or video on Facebook or any other media, read the comments carefully. Keep your eyes open to know what is misleading you. Check4Spam before you believe something suspicious. Please watch the image below and the complete video to know the truth. It will show you, what exactly happened.


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Rahul Gandhi Offering Namaz In Temple | Nokiye.com

Post Date: 18 oct 2018

Post ID: #69807

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