[SPAM] Plane with Landing Gear Failure Saved by Truck


[SPAM] Plane with Landing Gear Failure Saved by Truck

A video of an airliner saved by a pickup truck after its landing gear malfunctioned doesn’t depict a real event; it was created for a commercial. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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Before landing the pilot found that its front wheel got stuck and didn’t come down while landing. So when he informed the control room who planned to keep a truck in the place of front wheel, but the problem is while the front portion of plane falls on the truck it should not shake, and the other important point is that the speed of the plane and the speed of the truck must be same, otherwise the plane could slip down and cause an accident. But one driver came forward to do this and he did accurately and saved all the passengers in the plane. Now you can enjoy the video.


It was a commercial created by advertising agency TBWA Worldwide during 2011 showing the pickup truck saving a plane after the latter’s landing gear malfunctioned.

Plane with Landing Gear Failure Saved by Truck?

Post Date: 18th July 2017

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