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[SPAM] “Pink Slime” In McDonald’s Burgers

"Pink Slime" In McDonald's Burgers

The fake post is shared with claims that McDonald’s has Pink Slime in their Burgers. Please read more about it in the verification section of this article.

[SPAM] “Pink Slime” In McDonald’s Burgers

The fake post is shared with claims that McDonald’s has Pink Slime in their Burgers

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media

“Pink Slime” In McDonald’s Burgers

Verification: McDonald’s do not use Pink Slime in their Burgers

A post is viral with the claim “McDonald’s loses the legal battle with chef Jamie Oliver, who proved that the food they sell is not fit to be ingested because it is highly toxic.
Chef Jamie Oliver has won a battle against the world’s largest junk food chain. Oliver proves how burgers are made.
According to Oliver, the fat parts of meat are “washed” with ammoniac hydrogen and then used in the packaging of the meat “cake” to fill the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, already this meat was not suitable for human consumption.
Oliver says: We’re talking about meat that would be sold as dog food and after this process, it’s served to humans. In addition to the quality of meat, ammonium acid is harmful to health. Oliver says this: “The process of the pink crap.” The  Viral post can be seen on TwitterFacebook.

In fact, that’s not true. On the official website of McDonald’s, it is clearly mentioned that beef is not treated with ammonia. They don’t use Pink Slime. Read more @Cnet

McDonald clarified this false claim on its Twitter account in 2014.

Read more about Pink Slime here.

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“Pink Slime” In McDonald’s BurgersI Nokiye

Post Date: 23 Dec 2021

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