[SPAM] Perfume Paper Laced With Drug


[SPAM] Perfume Paper Laced With Drug

This post about Perfumed paper laces with drug circulating on social media is fake. Please find more details in this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media.

Hi friends,
Pls if anyone stops u in the parking lot of a mall or somewhere else and ask if u’re interested in some perfume and gives u a paper to smell, pls don’t smell. It’s a new scam, the paper is laced with drugs. U’ll pass out so they can kidnap, rob or do worse things to u.
This happened in more than 3 well known malls in Kolkata
And over 7 girls are missing
Pls forward to all friends n family. Save a life please. This was received from a Senior police officer, take note and alert everyone u want to protect. Knowledge is power !
It can save a life !

Mahender Reddy
Commissioner of police

Verification: This is not true. Commissioner of police has not issued any such warning.

Similar kind of  message has been in air since 1999. There are actually no case reported as such. This message is being spread with different versions.

Read more here.

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before forwarding and believing any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.

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Perfume Paper Laced With Drug | Nokiye.com

Post Date: 3 Jan 2019

Post ID: #71042


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