[SPAM] National Geographic Magazine Cover


[SPAM] National Geographic Magazine Cover 

The false post is shared with an image of a Sikh man welding his Turban as an official cover of Winter 2020 Edition of the National Geographic Magazine.

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Below post has been circulating on social media

National Geographic Magazine Cover


Verification: An imagined cover for artistic expression is shared as real Official cover of Winter 2020 Edition of the National Geographic Magazine

Many social media users shared the false post with the image of a Sikh man welding his Turban as an official cover of Winter 2020 Edition of the National Geographic Magazine that can be seen here, here, here.

The photo shared with false claims has been picked from PTI photos and was clicked by photojournalist Ravi Choudhary. Check the photo published in the article by The Quint. The image can be seen on Ravi Choudhary Instagram account.

In fact, an Instagrammer Anoopreet has created the image and has mentioned in her post that it is an imagined cover for artistic expression only. Check the image and the writeup for her post on Instagram. Anoopreet is written down on the shared viral image.

“This is an imagined cover for artistic expression only.⠀
⠀I came across this portrait by @choudharyravi and it instantly captivated me just like the controversial portrait of the ‘Afghan Girl’. For 17 years, nobody even knew her name was Sharbat Gula, yet the pain in her eyes seared millions of hearts across the world. I wanted to know more. There is no overlap in their stories. There is no comparison in their stories. But we should seek their truth and raise their voices. ⠀
⠀Through the eyes of this ‘Punjabi Farmer’, one is energised by the unwavering willpower of Indian farmers protesting peacefully for their rights. As he endures the biting cold winter, he serves sweet langar to the impoverished; he empowers infants with education in temporary school camps; he clears the streets of litter; he jovially sings songs of folklore; he prays to the Almighty for the welfare of all. ⠀⠀
⠀⠀The abysmal media coverage of the largest protest in history has made me actively seek the truth from writers, photojournalists and activists on the ground. This is an open call for more humanity and less celebrity to adorn our magazine covers. Unfiltered eyes like these are our window to stories of truth.⠀⠀
Artwork: @anoopreet⠀⠀
Photo: @choudharyravi⠀⠀
Art project in collaboration with @sikhexpo.”

Check for the latest National Geographic Magazine issue on its official site.

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National Geographic Magazine Cover  I Nokiye

Post Date: 6 Dec 2021

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