[SPAM] Migrants Throw Provided Food From The Train


[SPAM] Migrants Deliberately Throw Provided Food From Train 

The fake post is shared with claims that migrants deliberately throw provided food from the train

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Migrants Deliberately Throw Provided Food From Train


Verification: Stale food was thrown by migrants at Asansol station

Videos of migrants throwing food from the train are shared with false captions. The captions convey that the government give them food and they throw it deliberately.

In fact, this is a train with migrant workers that left from Kerala and was headed for Danapur. The migrants at Asansol station were given food and water. After that many of them complained about the stale food and started throwing it at the railway station through windows. In some videos, the migrants also complained that the food had a bad odour.

The issue was resolved and on the next station and the fresh food was provided to the labourers.

Eastern Railways PRO Ekalabya Chakraborty told The Quint “The food arrangement was made by IRCTC. In some coaches, it was reported that the food was not up to the mark. There is no question of denial. There were problems with the food. Because of the paucity of time, we couldn’t rectify it at the Asansol station itself. However, we arranged for food again at the next station.”

Migrants protests at Asansol Railway Station over the provision of stale food: Read more

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Migrants Deliberately Throw Provided Food From The Train  I Nokiye

Post Date: 8 May 2020

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