[SPAM] ISIS Terrorists Hoax


 [SPAM] I.S.I.S Terrorists Hoax

The post stating that I.S.I.S sending out people to infect citizens with H.I.V Virus is a hoax .  Please read the post below for further details

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

❗❗❗❗Attention …. If Someone comes to your doorstep and says we are from the medical college want to test your blood sugar for free, don’t give the test. call the police immediately. They are I.S.I.S terrorists, they are to inject H. I. V. AIDS virus into your blood. Share this to friends and relatives.
By Police


The above stated post circulating on social media, is a complete hoax.

Supposedly, the fake doctors are ISIS members who will infect you with the AIDS virus via an injection that they will claim is insulin.  According to the messages, the bogus doctors are claiming to be from ‘the Faculty of Medicine”.

However, the claims in the messages are utter nonsense. There are no credible reports that support the claims in any way whatsoever.  Of course, if ISIS operatives were really conducting such attacks, there would be official warnings and the story would be extensively covered by mainstream news outlets around the world.

HOAX — ‘ISIS Infecting People With AIDS Via Fake Insulin Injections’

The above link provides a clear view on the hoax that is circulating on social media.

Post Date: 9th Oct 2017

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