[SPAM] Indians Throwing Away God’s IdolsFor Not Coming To Rescue From The Recent Pandemic


[SPAM] Indians Throwing Away God’s Idols For Not Coming To Rescue From The Recent Pandemic

An old video is shared as recent with false claimed that Indians are throwing God’s idols for not saving from the recent pandemic

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The below post has been circulating on social media

“Breaking news… Indians are now throwing away gods, claiming that it’s not helping them anymore with this pandemic, they are accepting Jesus now in large numbers,
Indians throw away their gods for not coming to their rescue to save them from corona virus. And in Nigeria the lockdown phase IV has begun. May God help us 🙏 #strangehappenings


Verification: The video shared is old and has no connection with the recent pandemic

The video is being shared on social media with claims that Indians are throwing away God’s idols as they are not protecting them from the pandemic.

In fact, the video is an old one and is being shared repeatedly. The posts with the same video can be found here, here, and here and here with different dates and years (24 Sep 2015, 10 May 2020, 29 May 2015). The video thus is nowhere connected to the present pandemic.

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before you believe and forward any doubtful image, message, or video. Be cautious, be safe.


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 Indians Throwing Away God’s Idols For Not Coming To Rescue From The Recent Pandemic I Nokiye

Post Date: 25 May 2021

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