[SPAM] IAS Topper Introducing Her Father To People


[SPAM] IAS Topper Introducing Her Father To People

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

IAS topper, introducing her father to people. Grand salute to her and her father..


It is Shramona Poddar, an Instagram user, a travel blogger and not an IAS topper. Her post explains her perception towards rickshaw pullers. She has sympathy for them and she appreciates how they work hard daily to pull this hand-pulled rickshaw for their bread and butter. She asked the rickshaw puller to have a seat while she pulled him around on the streets of Shobhabazar. She did this to feel how difficult and strenuous it really is. The post has received many likes. Read more

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IAS Topper, Introducing Her Father | Nokiye.com

Post Date: 06 oct 2018

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