[SPAM] Huge Crowd At Ayodhya Dharma Sabha Uttar Pradesh


[SPAM] Huge Crowd At Ayodhya Dharma Sabha Uttar Pradesh

This post circulating on social media claiming to be Ayodhya Dharma Sabha images is fake. Please find more details at this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media.

The streets of Ayodhya were filled with #Sadhus, #Sants & #Hindu #karyakartas who had poured in from various parts of the county for a #VHP grand ‘#Dharam #Sabha’ on Sunday to push for construction of a #Ram #temple. #Bajarangdal


Verification: This is a fake post claiming to be the images from Uttar Pradesh Ayodhya Dharma Sabha

Sometimes false claims to the right images and vice versa keep spreading on social media. Once again such post is viral on social media. Be a little cautious about what you see and what you feel about the image and message you receive. We need to receive and share the facts and just not the fakes. These are not the images as per what is claimed. The images are from different events that happened at other places. It was expected that around two lakh people would attend Ayodhya Dharma Sabha at Uttar Pradesh. But there were only fifty thousand people at the event. So to cover up the claim, images from different events from different regions like Rajasthan, Kolhapur and Mumbai were merged to show huge crowd for Ayodhya Dharma Sabha. The actual pictures of Ayodhya Dharma Sabha were taken by Drone in the afternoon that you can see in the video below. NDTV


Maratha Agitation or Maratha Kranti Mook Morcha (मराठा क्रांती मूक मोर्चा – कोल्हापूर ) was a silent protest march in Kolhapur on 15 Oct 2016. Read more at BoomLive.


Lets now compare two images:

Both the images are the same. While the first is shared with wrong captions, that claims to be the image from Ayodhya Dharma Sabha held in Uttar Pradesh, the second image has been photoshopped and is used to give false claims. The second image is from the Maratha website, and this image was shared on 15 Oct 2016. Its the image from Maratha Kranti Mook Morcha. On the left side of both the images, two words and the figure is similar. Some electrical wires are visible in both images. A pole on the right side of both the images can be seen clearly. If you notice both images you will find a lot of similarities. So we now know that this is a fake post to mislead the public. Such is the case with the other two images. Be careful and don’t allow anyone to fool you. Know the facts before you share the news to your near and dear ones. Always Check4Spam before you believe and forward any post.




We ensure that you are updated with the facts. Please Check4spam before forwarding and believing any doubtful image, message or video. Be cautious, be safe.

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Post Date: 5 Dec 2018

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