(SPAM) Giant Skeleton of Goliath Found at Jerusalem


(SPAM) Giant Skeleton of Goliath Found at Jerusalem

This is a hoax. The pictures circulating are NOT real skeletons or of any archaeological value. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media.

Praise the Lord my brothers and sisters.

Today the Skeleton of Goliath is found in Jerusalem.

Word of God is so true.

Huge Skull of Goliath discovered by archaeologists in Jerusalem…… The Bible is true.


We will debunk picture by picture.

Picture No.1:


Its a giant skeleton sculpture in Milan’s Palazzo Reale Created by Gino De Dominicis. This giant skeleton sculpture was displayed in Milan’s Palazzo Reale in 2007. Named “Calamita Cosmica,” or “Cosmic Magnet,” the sculpture is 28 meters long and weighs about eight tons, or 16,000 pounds. The artist completed this work shortly before his death.

Read more at: Calamita Cosmica The Giant Skulpture


Picture No.2:

Truth: This was a Photoshop-ed image as part of a Contest. It had won the 5th prize in the contest.

Please find the contest details at the link below.
PS Bonus Contest: Archaeological Anomalies 12

Post Date: 18th Apr 2017

Post ID: #67777

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