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[SPAM] 7 Fruits That You Should Never Mix As They Cause Death In Children

[SPAM] 7 Fruits That You Should Never Mix As They Cause Death In Children

There are plenty of hoaxes about fruits combination being fatal. This is also one of them. Please find more details at this article.

[SPAM] 7 Fruits That You Should Never Mix As They Cause Death In Children

There are plenty of hoaxes about food combinations. This is also one of them. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media.

Attention Parents – 7 Fruits That You Should Never Mix. They Cause Death In Children.

1- Banana and pudding.

2- Orange with carrot.

3- Pineapple with milk.

4- Papaya with lemon.

5- Guava with banana.

6- Orange with milk.


Verification: These Combinations Of Fruits Are Absolutely Not Fatal For AnyOne

Believing anything that pops up on your mobile or computer screen via any social media may not be true. Never get emotionally attached to such messages. Try and look for the facts. It’s more important to think and find reasons to believe it or not. Social media has its own good and bad sides. It is at times factual and at times fake. It is also used for publicity, earn money, timepass for many. But we need to know what is affecting us and our children.

Not all the news and messages you read are facts. There are many images and videos with false claims and messages. This post is similar kind, that is circulating cautioning parents about how fruits in different combinations are fatal for kids. Look at the image carefully, it says 6 fruits you should never mix, below its mentioned 7 fruits. Combination mentioned are again 6. Its not the mix of fruits that cause problems, its the mix of two pictures that mislead people and create problem.

I myself cook for my children. I use lot of fruits and other food combinations while preparing dishes, cakes and desserts. Theres is no harm in consuming these combinations. Now a days there are so many innovations with different types of ingredients with odd combinations. Still there is never a news of any fatal case due to trying out odd combinations.

Let’s try a few search around the combinations shown.

Banana & Pudding | Google Search

Orange with Carrot | Google Search

Pineapple with Milk | Google Search

Papaya with Lemon | Google Search

Guava with Banana | Google Search

Orange with Milk | Google Search

Quoting from the article below:

The human digestive system handles all food combinations very efficiently. As foods are broken down into their various components, they pass into the small intestine, where bacteria are naturally present. The bacteria sometimes act upon certain compounds in fruits and vegetables and give you gas, but this has nothing to with rotting or in what combination you ate the food. Its only if the food is contaminated and not cooked or prepared hygienically, the body may react adversely. Fruits are healthy anyway. No one ever died because of consuming fruit salad. Enjoy fruits Salad, Smoothies, Deserts and be healthy.

Please go through this article to know more The Food Combination Myth

Read more at Does Food Combining Work? Fact or Fiction | | October 16, 2016

Find fact checking articles on this topic using

Food Combinations |

Post Date: 13 oct 2018

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5 years ago

Good one,

Yes, there are lots of myths/misinterpretations /misleading information that we listen in our day to day life and we tend to believe them because our parents, relatives or friends do so. We do not even care to cross check whether or not what we heard is correct.

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