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[SPAM] Family Dies Exposed To Bat Virus on Banana Leaves

Family Dies Exposed To Bat Virus on Banana Leaves

The post is misleading with false claim about the bat virus and its relation to the death of people. Please find more details at this article.

[SPAM] The Family of 6 Died Due To Eating Food On Banana Leaves Exposed to Bats

The post is misleading with a false claim about the bat virus and its relation to the death of people. Please find more details in this article.

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media.

“Let’s be careful: One family died for taking the leaves of the bruid to pack food without knowing it was poisonous.

खुशियां मनाने के लिए दुकान पर दिया था केक का आर्डर, लेकिन केक खाते ही पूरे परिवार ने तोडा दम

Verification: The death of six members of a family is circulating with different unverified captions

The image of the death of family members is circulating with false claims. Read the fact about the image @ TheHindu.

NAMANBHARAT published this news on October 31 2007

After that its posted with different captions like :

  • “Let’s be careful: One family died for taking the leaves of banana to pack food without knowing it was poisonous.”
  • If you want to use banana leaves as plate to eat, better that you should wash and clean to avoid the virus caused by the bat this is the incident…one family died exposed to the bat virus.

This is on June 16 2018 in  Look at the images from Previous News News. Each one has different date and year.

The image of food on banana leaf is from My Delicieux Speed Shop. Name of dish is Kanna’s Bamboo Masala Biryani.

This is how the fake post is created and circulated. We as human get carried away and believe it. But there seems to be no clarity about the image.

While the image is floating around with different captions with no authentic references, we would be interested to make you aware of the Virus that has been mentioned in post ABLV (Australian Bat Lyssavirus). Many of us don’t know about the breeding of various kinds of Bats on Banana Leaves. We can keep us and our family away from many diseases with awareness and cleanliness.

There does exist  ABLV Bat Virus. They breed on banana leaves. The Nipah virus which is transmitted by bats were spreading in southern India. Although the virus can spread through saliva, Nipah is not a super-infectious agent in the air like measles or influenza. So need not be afraid of this. We need to be more hygiene conscious to be avoiding such infections. In southern part of our country, usually people have their meals on banana leaf. What we need to do is to wash it thoroughly before using it for any purpose. The post has been mixed with two different informations and that makes it fake. With no proper investigation, images and messages are forwarded to n-number of people and then it carries on. We should stop believing in such hoax messages and posts. Try and find facts, check if it is a hoax or fake. There are always many clues if we look deep into fake posts. We just need an eye to catch it. We are Sharing with you, information about  Nipah Virus. Health is important, take care of it. Cleanliness is the way to keep away from many diseases. Read More. Find more about it at Boom.

Read more about NIPAH VIRUS.

Find fact-checking articles on this topic using



Read More About Nipah Virus. World Health Organization

Post Date: 17 oct 2018

Post ID: #69778

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5 years ago

Check4spam is the site to look at when you want to check authenticity of any post. Friends as elections approach we will get too many messages via various channels let’s be mature and not forward anything which comes out way. Keep up the great work check4spam

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