The post regarding the circulation of 2000 rupee notes is a hoax. It is a manipulated version of a letter published by the RBI in 2009. Please find below the details regarding the same.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

 An important Notice from RBI

Do not receive Rs 2000 /-notes with 2AQ, 8AC series.

2 Crores worth Rs 2000/- FAKE NOTES has entered INDIA.

Pls share this with your other groups , so that it reaches more people.


The post above has been circulating on  social media stating that the 2000 rupee notes with 2AQ, 8AC series are not to be received as they are fake is a hoax . The RBI had sent out a letter regarding fake notes in 2009 with regard to the 1000 rupee notes that were in circulating in the economy . The link above provides clear details regarding the news of fake currency running in the country. This is a news that came out in 2009, in regard with the 1000 rupee notes during that period which was seized from 4 people from West Bengal and Jharkhand . As after demonetization the 1000 rupee notes have been banned in the country, this news was changed to 2000 notes and is circulating on Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter.

This is a hoax and the details to this is available on the link below


Hoax: No RBI Circular Warning About Fake 2000-Rupee Notes With 2AQ Series

We strongly recommend that you stay clear of the hoax running around in the net.

Post Date: 9th Oct 2017

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