(SPAM) E-Property Pass Book (EPPB)


(SPAM) E-Property Pass Book (EPPB)

This is a hoax. Please check our verification section for more details.

Post Information:

The below post has been circulating on social media

*E-Property Pass Book (EPPB):-*

From 1/4/2017 all properties are invalid for one year.

You can’t sell or buy any property until u register your properties in the E-Property Pass book.

*EPPB will be linked with PAN, Aadhar online.*

Owner has to personally report with ownership proof to Sub Registrar office where spl officers will enter all your property details in EPPB.

Once it is entered in EPPB your properties will become yours.

They will have one more spl counter for emergency sellers, mortgagers, buyers where they can do exchange of properties but with full details of all properties.

*Upto 31/3/2018 all properties will be entered in EPPB.*

*From 1/4/2018 Govt will take over the properties not entered in EPPB.*

Real Estate Surgical Strike on Black Assets!


There are no authentic reports from Government or authorities or main stream media evidence about the so called EPPB. As soon as we have a main stream report which denounces this post we shall add a reference here. This for sure is a hoax message.

Please note that we have received a lot of queries asking whether the below pics are related to this EPPB scheme.

Kindly note that digitizing property is something already in place in North Delhi since 2015 under the UPIC (Unique Property Identification Code) scheme. These pics are related to the UPIC scheme of North Delhi Municipality.

upic-card upic-passbook

Please read more about UPIC at the link below:


Post date: 21 Nov 2016

Post ID: #1174

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  1. ANKIT TIWARI says

    Seems a pretty good idea nevertheless.

  2. Gavi says

    If we have property Bt it was named as my parents. Den my parents was no more. Now wt can I do

    1. Radhakrishnan says

      First you have transfer ownership to your name… then you proceed.

  3. Pavithra Gowda says

    what would be the charges for that

    1. Subramanya Prasad says

      For what?

      1. Pavithra Gowda says

        to get this e-property passbook ready

        1. Subramanya Prasad says

          idu sullu… there is no such e passbook for properties

  4. Ezhilan says

    e-property pass book is a fantastic idea that govt should implement.

    1. Joseph Daniel says

      Nice idea if all are literate we need to have the villagers learning apps first.

  5. Mastan says

    very good idea ,

  6. nisha rajpal says

    i’ll be travelling & residing abroad for next 2 years at-least.. what if I’m not present in India, at the time when EPPB registrations needs to be done ?

    1. Joseph Daniel says

      Your property will be taken by the govt, Relax it is spam as above.

  7. Commentator says

    How does President Elect Trump and his relatives who might have owned several
    properties in India could do this? If this is not a hoax, it is highly
    impractical and inviting grave trouble. How are poor old people who can’t even walk or see
    well re-register property in India standing in a queue? They are plenty in India. This is a little overboard not well thought one if this is anywhere real.
    This may be an utter non-sense and a hoxes like many fake news in Face book and Whatsapp. India need to ban these social media so that kids could study and be knowledgeable rather chatting with some western sluts or prostitutes.

    Find some other way to crack down on illicit foreign investments just like
    developed countries do. Buy Indian and be Indian as this will give jobs to

    younger generations.

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