[SPAM] Drink Korona Kashayam To Cure COVID-19


[SPAM] Drink Korona Kashayam To Cure COVID-19

A false message with immune booster Kashayam recipe is shared with claims of COVID-19 cure Kashayam

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Korona kashayam

Take one liter of water. Add this four items. Heat upto half an hour. It will be a half liter qty. Two big glass of corona kashayam. Very power full and very effective. Take for three days twice a day. Immediately you will come out of corona and also precaution purpose.

Posted by Arunachalam Alagappan on Monday, June 8, 2020


Verification: The recipe of Kashayam shared is only immune booster Kashayam and not cure for COVID-19

The misleading message with the recipe of  Kashayam is shared on social media. The recipe is good as an immune booster. But it is not a cure for COVID-19. The statement written down about the doctor is not true.

According to BOOM  “Dr Govind Khati, Dean, RA Podar College of Ayurveda, Mumbai called this mixture an immunity booster. “The Ministry of AYUSH recommended various kadhas and kahvas for protection as well as strengthening immunity purposes. All these ingredients help in improving immunity against normal colds, coughs, and fevers but have their limitations in terms of action. They only help in reducing pressure on the lungs,” Dr Khati explained. Dr Khati also emphasised that they have not come across any patients who said that they were or were not diagnosed with COVID-19 after consuming these mixtures.”

Nevertheless, all the ingredients are helpful to consume as a precaution from many days to day infections like cold, cough etc. Turmeric, ginger, lemon, cloves have many health benefits.

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 Drink Korona Kashayam To Cure COVID-19 I Nokiye

Post Date:  2 July 2020

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