[SPAM] Container With Kids Found By Tamil Nadu Police


[SPAM] Container With Kids Found By Tamil Nadu Police

This is fake news. The picture is of kids from Syria. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media

तमिलनाडू पुलिस को एक कनटेनर से बच्चो की लॉसे मिली,इन बच्चो के जिस्म के अन्दर का हिस्सा निकाला गया है,जैसे किडनी, लीवर तमिलनाडू पुलिस ने बताया इन सारे बच्चो को अलग अलग देशो से किडनैप करके लाया गया है ……
नोट:-अपने घर के बच्चो को सम्भालो, उनका ख्याल रखो, अपने सारे ग्रुप मे यह मैसेज सेन्ड करो ,??????Tamil Nadu police found this bodies of children in one truck container , this children were kidnapped from different different part of country , all their body parts were removed like kidney , eyes , hands ,ect,,,
Pls take care of your children and froward for awareness ??
container with kids found tamil nadu police hoax

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These are kids from Syria killed during the Ghouta Chemical Attack.

More info at link below:

(Quoting from the article) This report details two alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria on the opposition-controlled Damascus suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta, located 16 kilometers apart, on the morning of August 21, 2013. The attacks killed hundreds of civilians, including large numbers of children. Human Rights Watch analyzed witness accounts of the rocket attacks, information on the likely source of the attacks, the physical remnants of the weapon systems used, and the medical symptoms exhibited by the victims of the attack as documented by medical staff.
Attacks on Ghouta
www.hrw.org | Sep 10, 2013

The same pics were also circulating as kids part of organ harvesting in Thailand. Please find more about that hoax at the link below.
100s Of Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?
Rojakpot.com | November 14, 2016

Truth about the 2nd Picture:

It was a June 2015 story where a Pakistani man hanged his kids.

The story.

Pictured: Three little girls strangled to death by their father in Pakistan because he didn’t want to ‘waste money’ on their education
By Imtiaz Hussain and Flora Drury For Mailonline
PUBLISHED: 18:47 BST, 9 June 2015 | UPDATED: 20:57 BST, 9 June 2015

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