(SPAM) Christopher Nolan was inspired by ‘Punjabi House’ for the ‘Inception’ concept

One of the funnies spams we came across… 😀 Punjabi House is a Malayalam Movie. We are sure it’s some Malayali’s fun. 🙂 please check our article for more details.

(SPAM) Christopher Nolan was inspired by ‘Punjabi House’ for the ‘Inception’ concept

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The below post has been circulating on social media.

Christopher Nolan Punjabi House

Years ago, I happened to see a film named ‘PUNJABI HOUSE ‘ in a foreign channel.. One of the movie scenes shows a character who predicts the dialogues that happened within the dream of another character. As an explanation, he stated that he was also a part of that dream … That’s how the concept of ‘INCEPTION’ struck me …

– Christopher Nolan

Source: CBS Interview


For sure there is absolutely no reference to this story on the internet. We can see people are trying to search about this story.!

The Punjabi House is a Malayalam movie in which there is a scene where two people wake up in the morning saying they dreamed about the same thing which in fact was because they were both fully drunk and fully awake and were actually seeing the same scenes the last night. Here is that scene if you want to watch it… video 🙂

Please watch a full interview of Christopher Nolan for any reference.


Post Date: 12 Sep 2016

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