[NOT SPAM] Bharatkeveer Website Launched As Envisioned By Akshay Kumar


[NOT SPAM] Bharatkeveer Website Launched As Envisioned By Akshay Kumar

Yes it’s true above the launch of Bharatkeveer website for soldiers aid and the initiative was conceived by actor Akshay Kumar. Please find more details at the verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media


It is website launched by ministry of home affairs government of india and with the help of actor Akshay Kumar.

This Website contains details of soldiers who sacrificed their life to protect our nation.

You can contribute minimum ₹10 (Rupees Ten) to ₹15 lakhs (maximum) according to your ability. If any one soldier get ₹15 lakhs, then he will be removed from the list.

Just think if 50 lacs people out of 125 crore people of india contribute only 10 rupees each. then it will become 5 Crore.

🙏 A humble request that if you cannot contribute, then please forward this message as much as possible.. 🙏 Remember freedom is not free, somebody has already paid for it.

Hamari har ek sass un shahido ki karzdar hai. Kuch yaad unhe bhi karlo jo laut ke ghar na aaye.

#JaiHind #JaiJawan

Superb initiative indeed!!


Yes bharatkeveer.gov.in is a initiative started by Government of India. The initiative was the dream of actor Akshay Kumar and he has been sharing his thoughts with his fans and others through social media about such a venture for the last few months.

The initiative started on 9th April and ever since its been a well talked about news on social media.

Please read more at the article below.

Bharat Ke Veer website on Akshay Kumar’s idea flooded with donations for Sukma martyrs
Hindustan Times | Apr 28, 2017 18:18 IST


Below is the video which Akshay Kumar had shared with public on 24th Jan 2017 about his thoughts about such a venture.

We lost our soldiers in Kashmir attack. Please keep contributing on the same link bharatkeveer.gov.in

Homage and support to India’s Bravehearts

Post Date: 16 Feb 2019

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