[SPAM] राजस्थान में थूक वाली साज़िश


[SPAM] राजस्थान में थूक वाली साज़िश

The video of women beggars spitting on houses in Kota is shared falsely as the act of Muslim women to spread coronavirus

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

राजस्थान में थूक वाली साज़िश

लो अब
#थूकलमानो का नया कारनामा सुनो

पॉलिथीन में थूककर लोगों के घरों में फेंक रही बुरकेवालियाँ

हद है जाहिलों – क्या ये सब देखकर तुम लोगों का ज़मीर न थूकता तुमपर
कि कैसे थुकैले मज़हब में जन्म हो गया तुम्हारा




Verification: Women spat in houses because they were not given anything to eat as they begged in the area for food and money 

The video of women spitting and throwing spit filled covers in houses in Vallappadi Kota captured in CCTV is shared with false claims giving it a communal angle. It was shared with words with hashtag थूकलमानो, बुरकेवालियाँ. Though after investigation it was clear that the women were beggars and used to beg in the area for alms. Due to lockdown, no one gave them food and in anger, they spat on houses. The act was not a conspiracy. This was not intended to spread coronavirus. Women got arrested from a slum in Kunhari area. Check the news from Kota in the link shared below:

Read more @Altnews

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राजस्थान में थूक वाली साज़िश I Nokiye

Post Date:  16 Apr 2020

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