[SPAM] The Most Sincere Smile You’ll See 🐒 Don’t Leave Without Reacting πŸ’š


[SPAM] The Most Sincere Smile You’ll See 🐒 Don’t Leave Without Reacting πŸ’š

The image of sculpted turtle is shared with wrong captions on social media. Please read more about it in verification section of this article.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

The most sincere smile you’ll see 🐒 don’t leave without reacting πŸ’š


Verification: Turtle is not real

Image shared as real turtle is not real. It is a sculpted turtle created by an artist named Caralyn Edwards-Tucker, an Atlanta artist and is specialized in fantasy artwork. You can see the images shared by the artists herself explaining about the sculpture she created.

Caralyn Edwards-Tucker
My name is Caralyn Edwards-Tucker, and I am an Atlanta artist who specializes in fantasy artwork. I have done a multitude of pieces with a variety of materials, my favorite of which is Polymer Clay.

I grew up in the Atlanta area with nine brothers and sisters, but somehow still managed to find time for my art and continually improved on it. I created my art as a long time hobby at first but in 2006 I started my art business Mystic Reflections, where I sell my drawings and Polymer Clay creations.

In addition, I create book covers for my husband’s “Winston & Baum” series.

Watch the images and read about it at the links shared below:

Caralyn Edwards-Tucker on Instagram

Mystic Reflections on Facebook

Mystic Reflections

The Artwork of Caralyn Edwards-Tucker: Read more

I enjoyed him so much that I wanted to use the idea for a larger piece for a gallery display. So I got to work on sculpting another turtle. I wanted him to be as realistic as possible, that made the task super time consuming but also a fun experience with new techniques.
I started with his shell, filling the interior with a ball of tin foil to make his body lighter. Then I added different lines and scratches to the clay to make his shell look weathered.

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Post Date: 28 Oct 2019

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