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(SPAM) Google Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project

(SPAM) Google Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project

This Google Internet For Everyone Project circulating on social media is fake. Please refer to the verification section of this article for more details.

यह एक धोखा है
हे एक लबाडी आहे
এই একটি ধাপ্পাবাজি হয়
આ એક અફવા છે
இந்த ஒரு புரளி என்பது
ఈ ఒక నకిలీ ఉంది
ഇത് ഒരു തട്ടിപ്പാണ്
ಈ ಒಂದು ಸುಳ್ಳು

Post Information:

Below post has been circulating on social media

Support Google Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project

Download The App And Get Free 18GB 3G/4G Data Pack By Register Your Mobile Number on the app

Download The App
Link :


First of all its NOT FROM GOOGLE.

Secondly the app is NOT available from Play Store or App Store. You have to download and install it. All characteristics of a Malware.

After the first app is installed then it makes you install 3 sponsored apps. Again same process of downloading the apk files and installing them.

So in all we have classified this whole IFEproject as SPAM.

Also there are other mainstream media reports about this hoax.

Like all the other similar scams which we have reported this one also makes you install sponsored apps. These apps can be Malwares which can harm your phone and use your contacts and other information from your phone. Below is a picture of the page. 


प्रस्ताव की कोशिश नहीं करते
प्रस्ताव प्रयत्न करू नका
ఆఫర్ ప్రయత్నించండి లేదు
வேண்டாம் முயற்சி
ઓફર પ્રયાસ નથી
অফার চেষ্টা করবেন না
ഈ ഓഫർ ശ്രമിക്കരുത്
ಆಫರ್ ಹೋಗಬೇಡಿ

Post Date: 9 Jan 2017

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