(SPAM) Color Shredding security feature of Rs. 2000 currency note

(SPAM) Color Shredding security feature of Rs. 2000 currency note

This is a hoax. There is no color shredding security feature on the new new Rs. 2000 note. Please check the verification section of this article for more details.

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Below post has been circulating on social media.

Do you know what is the best security feature of the new Rs.2000/- note released by RBI ,  you will be surprised to know how modi is playing the game.

It is printed by intaglio printing method and hence is a colour shredding note. Means the colour of the note will gradually disappear and in a span of maximum 3 years the note will lose all its pink colour and almost become a white paper which will be invalid.

Even if you stock the note it will become invalid in 3 years , so it has to come to bank after 2 year if you want it to be valid.

So every 3 years it is a automatic demonetization of RS 2000/- note.

Now let’s see how people stock the black money.

Great Idea Modi Ji.👏👏👏👏👏
Forwarded.. As received.



The so call security feature is not mentioned in the official RBI description of the new currency.


The Intaglio Printing is for visually challenged people.

Please read more here:


Post date: 1 Dec 2016

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